Monday, June 6, 2011

Blindfold Me by Avril Ashton Release Party: Fun FAQs


*This was my very first attempt at seriously writing. I had no idea what I was doing. I mean, I didn’t know how to format my manuscript or anything. I had the help of the wonderful President of RWA/NYC. She held my hand up until almost halfway through the MS.

*I wrote the entire thing, over 60k by first draft, in longhand. Yes, that means a spiral notebook and pencil. Took me four months to do that, and another four to transfer it to computer. Torture. Pure and simple, and I learned my lesson.

*I had the title for the story in mind before I knew what the plot would be about—happens with all my stories. The title comes from the very sexy—raunchy even—song from Kelis. I heard it one day, blasting from a passing car, and the music stuck. I loved the title and built my story around it.

*The story is set in Brooklyn. The borough acts as a back drop and another character in the story. It’s a love letter from me to my adoptive home. I was born and lived in the Caribbean until my early teens.

*The main storyline of BLINDFOLD ME is somewhat semi-autobiographical. I leave it up to the reader to decide what parts that is.

*I love unusual names and I fell in love with the name Lyric when I saw it in the opening credits of a TV show. I stored it in the back of my mind until I needed it.

*Compared to the other stories I’ve written since BLINDFOLD ME, the sex and language is pretty tame. The characters weren’t the type. I though of making it more erotic, but no dice.

I could go on here, but then I’d be giving away the entire story J More excerpts coming up!

Avril Ashton


Maria said...

Yay for your RWA/NYC president being such a help to you!

Can't believe you wrote it long handed and then had to enter it all on the computer...wowza...

Cool that you set it in your adopted home!


Delaney Diamond said...

Hello fellow Caribbean woman! You wrote it in long hand? Wow!

Congratulations on your story. I'm looking forward to your sexy excerpts.

Avril Ashton said...

LOL, Maria yes, longhand. That I will never do again!

Hey Delaney :) Thanks for stopping by hon

Jean P said...

Your hand must have been cramping up writing everything longhand and then having to type it after that. The book sounds great, so glad you persevered.

Avril Ashton said...

LOL. Jean P, cramping is an understatement!

Karen said...

Love the fun facts and can't wait until the excerpts appear!