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My Favorite Scene from "SUBSPECIES" by Mike Arsuaga. Adult Paranormal Romance

With Samantha “Sam” Johnson, Dr. Jim White, a 130-year-old Vampire, has the best sex of his life and it’s a shame she had to be his next victim.  But she had a surprise for him.  As a Lycan, she hunted him as he hunted her.  After discovering each others secret, they cannot resist the physical attraction. Together they hunt and reach out to others of their kind using technology to form a support group.  Sam and Jim become the first Lycan/Vampire pair bond.
As a mathematics professor and man of science, Dr. Jim rejects the ways and lore of old in favor of modern solutions that, if not acceptable to humans, allow Lycans and Vampires, The Subspecies, to live invisibly, because discovery is their worst fear.
The Subspecies are a mutation within the human genome.  No more than 700 have been alive at one time.  They cannot breed with humans or within their own group, but an unexpected event rocks the world of subspecies, opening a universe of possibilities with the promise of their lives being more than hunting, living in shadows, and fruitless mating.
This is my favorite scene from SUBSPECIES. One of the main characters makes only a cameo appearance but I smile every time I read it.
Let me set the stage:
Jim, Sam , and an attorney named Oscar Young returned to Jim’s apartment from having rescued Sam from police interrogation. Lycan Cynthia and vampire Ed Myers are already there. The police suspect Sam and the support group have something to do with the disappearances. They do, but in a way the police could never imagine. Attorney Young has just finished explaining attorney/ client privilege, including how anything a client tells him will not be repeated.
The scene unfolds:
 Encouraged by his answer I morphed, with fangs, pallor and red eyes. Oscar instinctively jumped back but recovered and said with another chuckle. “What an excellent effect. How did you do it?”
By then I returned to human form. “You don’t understand. I really am a vampire,” I said.
Oscar stood and sternly replied, “Doctor White, if you think this is all a joke perhaps you should seek other representation.” He retrieved his briefcase preparing to leave.
A vampire morph is not dramatic. Most of it happens internally, expanding joints and modest bone growth. Except for the fangs I could pass for large pale man with a bad hangover. We needed a more dramatic demonstration.
I turned to Cynthia. “Show him what you can do,” I said to her.
“Do I have to?” she complained. “This is a brand new outfit.”
“Please, it’s important, dear.” Sam added. Besides, I sewed in Velcro morph seams.”
Cynthia stood and stepped to the middle of the room. She faced Oscar who paused at the door. Shimmying out of her panties, she kicked them to the side with a last flick of a bare foot. Stretchy lingerie fabrics didn’t tear. Because a lycan grew when morphing, most underwear bound them painfully. Ed’s eyes locked onto the sexually aromatic wrinkle of white material shimmering at her feet. She stood erect with legs apart and hands on hips. As it molded to her butt, the black miniskirt sparkled with sequins, round like half of a disco ball. I surveyed the pleasingly dramatic arching cleft of her spine under the white blouse.
“Okay,” she said. “You asked for it.”
With a ripping of Velcro, the garments separated and fell away. She expanded in all directions nearly touching the ceiling, seeming to fill the room. Arms and legs elongated as if made of modeling clay. A curved fanged snout grew out of the face some said could launch a thousand ships. Upon completing the morph she peered down on Oscar. Casual predation emanated from the height of coal black eyes.
“Convinced now?” I asked above the sound of Cynthia’s low growl.
Bug eyed, Oscar slowly retook his seat.
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