Monday, June 6, 2011

Heart of Deception--New Release

Hi! I'm Jenna Jaxon, newly published author of both historical and contemporary erotic romance.

It was a red-letter weekend for me! On Friday, my contemporary erotic romance, Hog Wild, released with New Dawning International Bookfair. Then on Sunday, Books To Go Now! released my historical romance Heart of Deception. Hog Wild's release had been planned for several weeks, but Heart of Deception was a surprise. A very good surprise. I am super-excited!

Because I have two books being released, I'm going to put up several posts so you can read blurbs and excerpts about both and I'll be having a contest at noon so you can win a copy of each.

Above is my gorgeous cover, and below are a blurb and an excerpt from Heart of Deception. Enjoy!

Blurb for Heart of Deception:
Celinda Graham--young, naive, passionate--is head-over-heels in love with Andrew Finley, Viscount Hurston and insists on marrying him. Unfortunately, Andrew's family has been feuding with Celinda's for generations. When her father refuses to allow the marriage, Andrew proposes a scandalous way to get his approval. But Andrew has a secret that may spell disaster to his plans if Celinda finds out he is not what he seems.

Excerpt from Heart of Deception:

Andrew glanced around the upstairs paneled hallway of Baron Ivor's manor house, making sure he was not seen. He stopped before a plain oak door, sent one more furtive look over his shoulder, then twisted the knob and entered. Pulling the door closed, he leaned his powerful body against it, remembering with a smile how little coaxing it had taken for Celinda to agree to his plan. Was she as excited at the prospect of this tryst as he was? It made the seduction much easier than expected.

His eyes roamed the room, resting at last on the pink and white ruffles adorning the coverlet on Celinda's bed.

Her virginal bed.

He loosened his cravat and removed his coat. After tonight, however. . . He grinned into the empty room, pleased at how well the ruse had gone so far, and wondered if tonight would go as planned. If only his conscience had not begun to nag him, to cause him to doubt the reasoning behind the whole ploy.

Andrew shook his head. He had to go through with this. Too much could go wrong if he relented. He paced around the room, waiting for Celinda, hardly cognizant of his surroundings. Halting next to the fireplace where a small fire burned, he stared into the flickering embers.

Did Celinda love him? God, but she was young. She had confessed she thought herself in love last year, but had given up both suitors after her father made strenuous objections. But she refused to give him up this year and seemed willing to take desperate measures to secure him. Did this speak of love or lust? Which would be served tonight? He knew which one he served.

I'd love you to leave a comment and let me know what you think of Heart of Deception. Thanks!


Jean P said...

Blurb and excerpt sound really good. Congrats on the release!

Patricia Green said...

Heart of Deception is wonderful! Great history, hot characters, clever plot. Loved it! Great writing, Jenna.