Monday, June 6, 2011

Teaser Excerpt from Paranormal Pleasures By Roxanne Rhoads

Title: Paranormal Pleasures Ten Tales of Supernatural Seduction

Author: Roxanne Rhoads

Publisher: Bewitching Books

Genre: Paranormal erotica

ISBN: 0615470386 / 9780615470382

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Book description:

Ten tantalizing, erotic tales of vampires, witches and demons grace the pages of this short story collection by Roxanne Rhoads.

Step into the darkness and let these tales tempt and tease to satisfy your paranormal cravings.

Eight of Roxanne Rhoads' previous eBook publications appear in print for the first time, along with two brand new, never before published tales of supernatural love and lust.

Excerpt from “A Halloween to Remember”- story nine in Paranormal Pleasures Ten Tales of Supernatural Seduction

Just as she heard the large old clock start chiming the midnight hour, she caught a glimpse of that white ruffled shirt going out the back French doors.

Adena took off almost in a run. Well, she gave it her best effort in her tight dress and stiletto heels. After scurrying out the back door onto a patio, she found no one save some naughty jack-o-lanterns and a set of screwing skeletons in a 69 position.

Then, she saw him over by a trellis covered with night blooming roses. Kind of late in the year for them to be blooming, she thought as she walked over to him.

She kept waiting for him to disappear as she approached, but he didn’t. He definitely looked like something straight out of a romance novel. All dark and brooding and sexy, he wore tight black pants and tall boots. His ruffled white shirt, partially unlaced, showed just a hint of fine dark hair on his massive muscle bound chest.

Adena trembled with desire just looking him up and down. This was what she’d been wanting all night. She needed him, not some jerk hooking up with anyone and everyone. No, she wanted quality over quantity.

“I’ve been watching you all night. You’ve not partaken in the games these people play. Why?” His deep, rumbling voice sent tingles down her spine. Other areas became tight and wet. His slight accent was erotic but unplaceable.

“It’s not really my thing,” Adena whispered.

“What is your thing? Would I fit the description of what you’ve been looking for?”

Oh hell freakin yeah! “Uhmm, yes, I think you would.” No use being too shy. He was here at one of Chrissy’s parties. “My name is Adena.”

“Forgive me for my rudeness. I am Dimitri Ivanof.”

Ah, Russian. That’s the accent. So sexy.

“Pleasure to meet you Dimitri.”

“My beautiful, Adena, the pleasure is most definitely, all mine.”

Adena was sure she was going to swoon right there in the dark. When her knees quivered, he was right beside her, one arm around her waist making sure she didn’t fall. The touch of his body against hers made her tremble even more. A feeling of overwhelming desire overtook her senses. She’d never encountered desire like this before. Her nipples tingled, tweaking into hard little nubs under her lace up top. Aching with a need to be filled, her nether region tightened and throbbed. Her nerve endings were alive like never before, like a low voltage stream of electricity flowing over and through her body.

His breath came hot against her ear. “Are you all right, Adena?”

She turned to face him. My god, he was so gorgeous. His brilliant blue eyes sparkled with heat and mischief. She was flirting with danger, but he was too much to turn down.

Suddenly, his full firm lips were on hers. The sweet heady taste of brandy lightly teased her senses. He pressed and she pressed back, lips matching, meeting and melding into the best kiss Adena had ever experienced.


Jean P said...

Oh yes, that excerpt definitely teases!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Glad you enjoyed it. :-)