Monday, June 6, 2011

Bequeathed, a dark, erotic, fantasy romance by Linda Mooney

Just released!

A dark erotic fantasy romance
By Linda Mooney
From Red Rose Publishing

       Homeless and destitute, Claire Stines has no choice but to move into the log house bequeathed to her out in the Minnesota wilderness.  Although she has little else to sustain her other than a few dollars and even fewer seeds of hope, she believes she can make a fresh start for herself, and if she’s lucky, maybe find a little romance.
          But first she has to overcome the rumors of the house’s supposedly dark past.  More importantly, who is that young man she’s seen in the woods, and why has he been watching her from a distance ever since she arrived?
          And why does he both fascinate and terrify her?

Warning! Contains a decades-old curse, hidden compartments, dead fairies, spirits in the forest, unrelenting winter cold, and a possible explanation for people gone missing in the woods.

To read an excerpt, go to

Want to win a copy?  Post a comment here or on any one of my posts from today!


Nikki said...

I love the cover! purple is my favorite color. And the book sounds great, too :)

Karen said...

Liked the blurb; loved the excerpt! Sounds like a wonderful read!!

Linda Mooney said...

Thanks for the comments! I flipped a coin, and Karen has won a copy of this book. If you'll email me at Linda(at)LindaMooney(dot)com, I'll send you your PDF copy.

Thanks again for posting!

Karen said...

I'm doing the happy dance {in the privacy of my own room, 'cause it isn't pretty! ;o)} Just sent the email. Thank you!