Monday, June 6, 2011

Go Hog Wild at the Party

Hi, It's Jenna again. This post is to give you a peek at my erotic contemporary romance, Hog Wild. A Twisted Fairy Tale, this story is based (sort of) on The Three Little Pigs. The pigs are still brothers, but they're now Harley-Davidson Owners (HOGs) and their nemesis is Lula, a she-wolf with problems only they can solve.

Below is a blurb and excerpt for Hog Wild, which is released by New Dawning International Bookfair and is available also at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Blurb for Hog Wild:

When Lula Wolfendale's motorcycle breaks down on her way to a Harley rally, she detours into tiny Shoshone, CA to find a replacement. Seducing bikers Beau and Rob Hogue and commandeering their Harleys is easy; finding sexual satisfaction is a "hog" of a different color. A Blue Phantom, to be exact, owned by the pair's older brother, Jesse. After brief, unsatisfying encounters with the first two Hogues, Lula approaches Jesse with a proposition: a sexual contest for his Phantom, where Lula will emerge with either a climax to die for or the motorcycle of her dreams. Or can she possibly obtain both?

Excerpt from Hog Wild:

"Need some help with that?"

Rob's head snapped up at the sound of a low, sexy voice. He removed his sunglasses to get a better look at the hot brunette. I gotta see this in living color. Sight of her black hair, cut longer on one side, started a twitch down in his groin. Lips so full and red if she stuck her tongue out she would look like the model for the Rolling Stones logo. God, I hope she sticks her tongue out. And legs that reached up to her tits. The chaps were not the only thing heated now.

"You offering, honey?" Rob gave her his best Paul Newman come-on stare. Sadie down at El Ranchito told him once he looked kind of like Paul Newman, but Sadie's say anything to get laid.

She smiled and the tip of her tongue eased through her lips just a little before she said, "Sure sounded like that, didn't it?"
Feeling like a furnace had ignited in his dick, Rob sauntered over to the woman, hoping she was not a mirage induced by sunstroke. He stopped close enough to smell the salty tank of her skin, his eyes focused on that heavenly wicked mouth. "Then have at it, sweetheart." He thrust his hips towards her.

Her smile widened. "Boldness. I like that in a stranger." Her hand dropped to his belt buckle.

Lula certainly knows what she wants. The questions is, can she get it? You'll have to read the story to find out.

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Tell me what's your favorite hot, steamy, claw-the-walls on-screen kiss? (You'll find my favorite on my blog.) Winner will be chosen by Saturday, so be sure to include an email where I can reach you.


Jen B. said...

Favorite screen kiss? Tough one. Right now, I can't think of even one. I even did a search of movie kisses and still nothing. Hmmm, must not be in a kissing mood right now.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jenna. There's a realllly hot one in an officer and a gentleman. Of course there's more than one hot one in that movie! Rina

Patricia Green said...

I think the first kiss between Bogart and Bacall in "To Have and Have Not" is fabulous. It never gets old for me, even though it's from the golden age.

Love your writing, Jenna!