Monday, June 6, 2011

Who rules the Night? Night Seekers

The Chupacabra has been a legend for decades, stretching from South America to North America, sighted in many place. Ranchers swore they’d killed it only to have it turn out to be a mutated goat or coyote. And the killing spree continued—animals and humans alike. Was it a wolf because of the way the bodies were mutilated? Or a vampire, because each body and three puncture wounds at the neck and was drained of blood? Each time someone was sure he had killed the beast it turned out to be a false alarm, because the killings continued. And the legend continued to grow.
When billionaire Jason Stafford’s wife and daughter were killed by the legendary bloodthirsty Chupacabra and none of the state or federal agencies could trace the half man/half animal, he funded his own team. He chose carefully from the best law enforcement agencies as well as the private sector across the country. Six of the eight selected are shifters themselves, each representing a wolf pack whose members had fallen prey to killers. Each one of them had also been affected by the beast and so had personal reasons to find and kill it. Known simply as The Night Seekers (because they hunt most effectively at night), they work from an isolated ranch property in Texas, with all the latest high tech equipment and any other resources they might need. Their only mission: find and stop the Chupacabra, the bloodthirsty animal who not only kills but literally destroys his victims with his teeth and nails, and has given rise to so many legends. But first they have to discover how their target moves so easily around the entire country, and sift through the hundreds of files compiled on the many cases and sightings.  
Driven by the thirst for revenge and the need to satisfy their lust, each member of the team will have his or her own story, one liberally packed with erotic sex, and in the course of the mission will find a relationship that brings stability to their lives. And with each relationship, the team continues to grow.

Team Members

Jonah Grey: former FBI, a loner and a shifter. The Chupacabra killed the human he was about to mate with
Mark Stafford: former sheriff’s deputy from a Texas border county and also a shifter. The Chupacabra killed his closest friend
Sophia Black: former detective with the State of Maine Highway Patrol. The Chupacabra killed her twin nephews.
Chelsea Roland: private investigator and a shifter. The Chupacabra killed her sister. In the course of her investigation she meets another shifter adrift from his pack, a hunter who frightens her at first.
Dante Martello: former Chicago homicide detective. The Chupacabra killed his wife.
Ricardo “Ric” Garza: former Texas Ranger and a shifter. The Chupacabra killed his mother.
Sam Brody: former Georgia Bureau of Investigation and a shifter. The Chupacabra killed his father.
Logan Tanner: former Montana sheriff and a shifter The Chupacabra killed his brother and sister-in-law.


Jean P said...

Really liked this excerpt, making a note of this book, definitely want to read this one.

Nikki said...

Wow, great excerpt. I too, and making a note :)