Monday, June 6, 2011

Launch Party: BOGO Deal for A Strange Freedom: Blood & Fireworks

Because of the donation of royalties…

From release day, May 27th, until midnight July 4th, all royalties earned from the sales of A Strange Freedom: Blood & Fireworks, a short patriotic paranormal erotic romance, will be donated to in honor of my father who is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran and all who have sacrificed serving.

...Anyone who purchases A Strange Freedom: Blood & Fireworks today can forward me their receipt (all private info removed) to howell (dot) kiki (at) gmail (dot) com and I will email them back a free story in PDF format J

A Strange Freedom: Blood & Fireworks

Can a witch gain her freedom to live as she chooses between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July?   

A man was not exactly what Meranda was looking for when she went to her grandfather’s grave for a ritual of remembrance on Memorial Day.  However, what she thinks is a ghost in the heavy shadows of the night ends up a vampire.  

When Meranda’s grandfather lay dying on a bloody battlefield in WWII, Alexander promised the man he would take care of his family if he got out of the war alive.  Even though he returned to the states a night walker, he has done his best to honor that promise from a distance. Yet, when Meranda is hurt due to his negligence, Alexander valiantly fights his own desires for her blood to save her.  Only, once she is better, their lives clash.  But, using a little magic, she plans to win their war by the time the fireworks light up the sky on Independence Day.

Genres: Contemporary, Paranormal (Vampire & Witch), Erotic Romance
AVAILABLE NOW from Excessica Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Amazon  and All Romance eBooks, etc.

“I found the settings to be highly descriptive, giving the reader the ability to not only picture the setting in your mind but to feel the elements that surround the characters.  Kiki portrayed the two characters Meranda and Alex, with depth, emotion and extraordinary perception.  The desire that the two of them feel is palpable and literally burns the pages. She shows us that regardless of age, a woman can be the predator when it comes to taking what you want. The sensuality and eroticism Kiki describes certainly had this reader breathing heavily.”  ~ 5/5 Stars  from Vampirique Dezire at  Blood, Lust and Erotica

“Kiki Howell does a great job of keeping A Strange Freedom: Blood & Fireworks moving while giving us history of the characters, a depth and range of emotion and some steamy bedroom scenes.” ~Stacey at Sizzling Hot Reads 

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