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Tirgearr Publishing presents Isabo Kelly


Happy November! I’m very excited about Tirgearr Publishing’s tour over the next couple of weeks. So many prizes and deals on good books!

The book I have featured on the tour is THE SECRET OF NARAVA, so you’ll be reading a little more about that book on Tuesday the 13th. This is a science fiction romance that’s the second full-length novel in my Naravan Chronicles series. The first is THE PROMISE OF KIERNA’RHOAN. I love answering questions about those books, so feel free to ask away!

In October, Tirgearr released another short in the Naravan Chronicles—INTERFACE! This is a re-release (originally published in the anthology DREAM QUEST, edited by Linnea Sinclair and JC Wilder), but the story has been updated and expanded to add a bunch of new scenes, including some from the hero’s point of view. And it’s always fun to be in the hero’s head when he’s getting all hot and bothered over the heroine, isn’t it?

This shorter story falls between the two novels in the timeline of events, roughly a month after the main events of PROMISE and a little over a year before SECRET. But you don’t have to read INTERFACE in sequence with the two other books. In fact, after reading SECRET, you might enjoy going back and reading INTERFACE to find out what really happened with Nathan Longfeather’s (hero of SECRET) former partner Alex. Then again, you might also enjoy watching Alex’s downfall first—which makes Nathan’s all the more deliciously fun. The two mercenaries have this “rule”, see—no sleeping with clients. And most definitely no falling in love with clients! So, of course, I had to give them both heroines who blew that rule all to hell. Nathan even thought he’d learned from Alex’s experience. Ha! No such luck Mr. Longfeather. :)

I hope readers of the series will enjoy INTERFACE. For those new to the series, this might be a good little introduction, as it does stand on its own even though there are references to the first book. There’s more about INTERFACE on my website ( and on the Tirgearr Publishing site (

For those of you enjoying The Naravan Chronicles, you’ll be happy to know novel number 3—FLIGHT OF THE EBISU—is underway. Readers of PROMISE will note that the title is a pretty good hint who the hero of the third book is going to be. :) The heroine has also shown up earlier in the series. Feel free to guess who she might be. I will confirm correct answers. With luck (and a cooperative new born—I’m due in mid-January!), FLIGHT will release sometime in 2013 from Tirgearr.

And now for something completely different (did anyone else hear Monty Python there, or is that just me?)… I have another re-release coming out at the beginning of December—CHRISTMAS PRESENT. This novella has been out of print for a while now, so we’re updating it and cleaning up some stuff. It’s a paranormal romance full of Christmas magic, a super sexy hero, and a heroine who’s finally met her match when it comes to a love of the season. This is kind of my ode to Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. The December release is just in time for your holiday reading. So do take a little break from all the celebrating to enjoy a good romance!

Have fun at our two week party, everyone! Be sure to comment a lot on all the stops as there are plenty of prizes on offer and you wouldn’t want to miss your chance at one!

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{blurb for Interface, part of the Naravan Chronicles}

When unexpected side-effects in Gina Xanacovich’s nanotech research leads to murder and death threats, her father hires private mercenaries to protect her. But Johan “Alex” Alexander proves to be just as dangerous to her peace of mind as the threats against her life. Worse, his seductive voice and irritatingly calm presence keep Gina on edge, making her want more from him than just being her bodyguard.

Giving into their growing attraction, Gina finds it hard to focus beyond her obsession with the sexy mercenary. She knows if she can’t reign in her desire, she won’t live long enough to discover those responsible for the murders and threats. Nor will she discover how far things can go with Alex.

 • • •

{blurb for Christmas Present, coming 3 December}

Deanna Green’s love of Christmas has seen her through troubles and hardships, the good and bad of life. But when an old acquaintance comes back into her life and threatens everything she holds dear, even Dee’s ability to enjoy the holiday is stretched to its limits.

Then a mysterious stranger shows up at her front door. There’s something about the man, something so compelling, so…right, Dee finds herself falling hard for him, despite barely knowing him. Despite all that’s going wrong around her, he makes her feel alive with joy and hope.

But discovering the truth of who Chris Stepner is, what he is, will challenge Dee’s growing feelings for him and make her question all she believes. To accept the man she loves, and the changes he triggers in her life, Dee will have to learn what true love means.
• • •

Isabo grew up in Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World. Unbeknownst to her, Las Vegas prepared Isabo for a life in the spotlight.

Though she started making up stories at an early age, Isabo originally chose science as her first career. She pursued this by moving to Honolulu, Hawaii for her undergraduate degree in Zoology and was lucky enough to work with dolphins for two and a half years.

Returning to Las Vegas, Isabo worked in the Natural History Museum as the Shark Lady, hand-feeding live sharks and other tropical fish and reptiles. It was at this time she rekindled her love of writing stories and started her first novel.

A few years later, Isabo had the opportunity to move to Germany with her family and jumped at the chance. She spent nearly two years traveling Europe and developing her writing skills before life took her to Ireland where she returned to college to finish her Ph.D. in Animal Behavior.

Isabo's first novel, The Promise of Kierna'Rhoan, was published in 1999 and began her career in the spotlight. Isabo earned herself a reputation as one of the industry's top science fiction, fantasy and paranormal authors with such titles as Destiny's Seduction (2005 RIO Award of Excellent winner, 2005 EPPIE Award Finalist for Best Fantasy and 2003 Pearl Award Nominee) and Siren Singing (2009 PRISM FF&P Award Winner).

Isabo now lives in New York City, an other entertainment capital, with her family and enjoying the literary life.

Find Isabo Kelly online at --

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Isabo Kelly will be featured on Tuesday, 13 November at It's Raining Books. She will be giving a $10 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner that day. Each commenter's name will also be added into the grand prize drawing at the end of the tour which has a total value of $150.00! See how it works here.



Kristi Ahlers said...

I'm totally looking forward to your upcoming titles, Isabo! Your Christmas title sounds perfect way to take a break from the holiday madness! Wising you a ton of sales, sweets!

Catherine Lee said...

I heard Monty Python, too! That is a great transition line...
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Isabo Kelly said...

Thanks, Kristi! I'm looking forward to your Christmas story too. I love the Trouble series so getting a Christmas one is a real treat. Looking forward to your new, non-Trouble books as well!

LOL, Catherine, thanks :-) I might have watched too much Monty Python in my time.

Isabo Kelly said...
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Isabo Kelly said...

Oops, sorry about double post all. Not sure how that happened :/

Debby said...

I think I red some of your earlier books and really enjoyed them]debby236 at gmail dot com

Isabo Kelly said...

Thanks, Debby! If you get a chance to read any of these new ones, I hope you'll enjoy them too!