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The Princes Bound by Robin Danner

Good morning, everyone! I'm excited to share a bit of my new Princes series with you all! The first in the series is The Princes Bound, now available at When a sexy prince is abducted by a dedicated female soldier, sparks are bound to fly!

Stay tuned for more excerpts and info on the upcoming release of The Princes Determined, book 2.

Prince Talin’s trusted captain, Nadia, is ordered to abduct his brother, Prince Mathis of Isidor, and bring him to the wedding of Talin and the daughter of their family’s sworn enemy. Loyalties are tested and enemies gather as Mathis and Nadia’s inescapable attraction threatens to bind the pair together.

Excerpt from The Princes Bound by Robin Danner:

“Let go of me,” she demanded, but it lacked a commanding tone.

He stroked the back of her hand. “Nadia, what is it you fear? I promise I will not hurt you.”

She lifted her chin. “Bah! As if you could.”

He didn’t know what came over him, but some sense of devilment made him pull her toward him as he got to his feet.

She was tall for a woman but still several inches shorter than him. She gasped as he brought her full length against his body.

She struggled to escape. “Let go of me!”

He wrapped his arms around her and forced her gaze to meet his. “Nadia, I do not mean you any harm.”

“Then prove it, and let me go.”

He inhaled deeply, and her womanly scent invaded his nostrils.

She was slim, but her body was curved in the right places. It felt like heaven to hold her.

She was a bundle of contradictions and drove him to distraction. For the past three days, anger had fueled him and kept him from realizing he was attracted to her.

What was it about her that so entranced him?

“Who was the youth you spoke to earlier?”

Nadia stopped her struggle and narrowed her eyes. “Do you mean Hugh? He is my nephew.”

Relief flooded him. “Lance’s son. Talin has spoken of him.”

“How did you know he was here?” She gave him a fierce glare. “Were you spying on me?”

The irony of the statement caused him to chuckle. “My dear lady, do not dare to take offense after you watched me swim in the nude.”

She rolled her eyes. “As if it were anything I haven’t seen before.”

Mathis wasn’t so vain as to think he held more physical attraction than most men, but her statement entertained him.

She shrugged in a blasé manner. “Your brother, for instance. You are built much the same.”

“You’ve seen my brother in the nude then?”

He was amused by her ploy. He knew she lied because she wouldn’t look at him. She always stared him straight in the eye, but this time she’d dropped her gaze to some point over his shoulder. If she’d tried it several hours earlier, he may have believed her. But as it stood, he knew there was nothing more than friendship between Nadia and his brother.

“Of course. Lots of times.”

“Nadia, my love, you are a terrible liar.” The endearment fell from his lips before he could think better of it. But once it had, it felt right somehow. Here, now, in this garden, he was meant to be with her.

Did she feel it too? She had to.

She didn’t deny she’d been lying. “What do you want from me? Other than a truce?”
“Just this.”

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