Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love of Shadows - Excerpt Three

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Earlier today I shared two excerpts from my book Love of Shadows. The book is the second in The Healer's Shadow trilogy. The book follows the life of the young healer Judith and her Shadow Sarah. Some people in Judith's world, including Judith, are born with Shadows. Shadows appear to be human but are different: logical and without emotions, they act as a conscience and balance to their all-too-emotional masters. Shadows are faced with prejudice and hatred. In this excerpt Judith is caring for Shadows who have been attacked as part of a pogrom. 

As I passed the curtained doorway to the bar, I heard the sound of a life which once I had lived and from which I was now so far removed that the curtain might as well have been an iron door. My legs were heavy on the stairs, my eyes were shocked by sunlight. I presume I lay down on the bed and slept immediately, because when I woke I was still dressed. Still drugged by sleep I walked to the window and drew back the curtains. There in the square the costermongers were folding down the shutters on their stalls, pigeons were scrapping over food, the shadows in the colonnade deepening. A man was leaning against a pillar as he looked intently at the inn. Instinctively I stepped back out of sight and pulled the curtains to once more. I turned to find the landlord in the doorway.

“There’s someone watching,” I said.

“Yes,” he said, “Started yesterday. Bruno spotted him yesterday evening. In a couple of hours he’ll be replaced. All they do is watch, they haven’t tried anything yet. And we can’t do anything to them, not legally. Thing is they don’t try to hide, they want us to know.”

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Thanks so much for the extra excerpt. I am enjoying them
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