Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Part to Play Excerpt + Giveaway

A Part to Play 
by Jennifer L. Fry

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Curious, Lucy stood there, still lost in the character. Suddenly, a bright light blinded her. Chris had turned on the spotlight, which, in the dark auditorium, had quite an impact. "Action!" she heard him call as he walked down the aisle toward her, script in hand.

It was scary, but also inspiring. He read the first line and Lucy responded, finding a new edge to the character of Eva. Everything clicked; Eva's motivation, her pain, her humor. When Lucy finished the scene, still standing in the intense light, Chris clapped. Then he jumped up on the stage and swung her around in a big circle.

"You were the best Rapunzel I've ever seen," he whispered in her ear. She was touched at his remembrance of her childhood story, the first that inspired her to be a performer.

Lucy had no words to express her gratitude, so she just wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him to her. This was the first time she initiated this type of kiss. The type with heat and tongues and heavy breath. They stood in the spotlight, alone on the big stage, and their world was reduced to only the two of them and the circle of light at their feet.

A Part to Play
Now available in print, e-book, or audiobook!

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Molly said...

This excerpt has me hooked! I'll be adding this book to my wishlist :) Thanks!

molly at reviewsbymolly dot com

Debby said...

The best Rapunzel - sounds like a great story.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Catherine Lee said...

Intriguing. I'd like to read more.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com