Sunday, November 4, 2012

More about Robin Danner's new Princes series!

When I set out to write The Princes Bound, I knew I wanted a strong female lead. As Nadia evolved into a female soldier, I realized that I was on to something. It was the first time I've done anything other than the "pampered" female character. It was exciting to be able to make a character who was not only emotionally strong, but physical as well. Nadia is a kick-ass character and I'm glad she wandered onto my page.

Meanwhile, her hero is Mathis, the prince of Isidor. He and his brother are the focus of my new The Princes series at Liquid Silver Books. Book 2, coming Nov 19, is The Princes Determined and tells the story of prince Talin and Rowena, the daughter of his enemy. The third book, The Princes Knighted, details the romance between Hugh (Nadia's nephew) and Sara (Rowena's little sister). It is quite possibly my most "romantic" book to date. I guarantee that all the heroes will make you swoon, but I have a soft spot for Hugh who appears in all three books!

Now here's a little more about book 2, available in 15 days at!

After a failed wedding, Rowena of Bevelaire is abandoned by her treacherous father and left to the tender mercies of her intended groom, Prince Talin. A dangerous man with his own agenda, Talin could be Rowena’s damnation or destiny.  

To safeguard his people, Prince Talin is determined to do anything, including marry the daughter of his bitter enemy.  But a marriage to Lady Rowena could cost him a kingdom … or his heart.
Excerpt from The Princes Determined by Robin Danner:
Rowena glanced up from the novel she read and fixed her steady gaze on the prince’s face. “I’m not hungry.”
She lowered her gaze back to the book and attempted to ignore him as he continued to hover over her. Talin cursed under his breath and leaned down to grab the book out of her hands. He tossed it several feet away and plopped a plate in her lap.
“Eat, Rowena,” he commanded again. “It’s been almost two days since you’ve last eaten. I won’t have you starving to death in my castle.”
She rolled her eyes and refused to be cowered. “So that’s what this little display is all about? You want to prove you’re a considerate jailor. For that’s what you are, you know? Nothing but my jailor.”
“I am your betrothed, Rowena, and I will thank you to consider me as such.” He put his hands on either side of her chair, effectively trapping her.
He was close enough to feel the heat of his body. She pretended his nearness didn’t affect her and widened her eyes in mock innocence. “Then don’t thank me.”
The prince lifted the lid and exposed a succulent serving of meat and steaming vegetables. “Roasted chicken and rosemary potatoes.”
It was one of her favorite meals. How had he known? The aroma that wafted from the platter to her nose made her salivate.
“I told you I am not hungry.” She wrenched her gaze from the food with tremendous effort.
“You should eat anyway.”
She gave him an insolent expression. “What do you care?”
His eyes darkened, and his gaze dipped to her bodice. “We would not want you to lose your delectable curves.”
She felt her face heat, and her hand lifted as if to slap his face. She stilled before her palm connected with his cheek and stared at the limb with growing horror.
Had she really almost struck him? Rowena abhorred violence and had sworn she would never act in such a manner.
The prince did not seem to notice her reaction.
“Please eat, Rowena.” His voice was soft and cajoling.
She licked her lips without meaning to, and Talin gave her a confident smile. “I promise I did not poison it.”
She gave into an insane whim and dropped the plate on the floor. The prince jumped back, but most of the food spilled onto his boots. He looked down at the mess she’d made on the floor and back up to her face.
His gaze clouded with anger, but his voice was calm when he spoke. “That was not well done of you, Rowena.”
Inside she was shaking, but she was proud of her action. She’d spent too much of her life cowering in fear. She would not let this man destroy her newfound spirit.
She stood with as much dignity as she could manage, considering she had to step over the food she had spilled. “If you will excuse me, I am going to my chamber.”
She barely made one step.
Talin’s hand shot out and grabbed her elbow. She choked back a cry of pain, and his grip loosened immediately. “You will eat.”
She shook her head. “I will eat when it pleases me to do so.”
Talin’s nostrils flared with irritation. His dark blue eyes were the color of the storm tossed seas.
Even angry, he was easily the most handsome man she’d ever seen.
His face suddenly cleared, and the nonchalant expression she’d become familiar with appeared. “Suit yourself.”
He picked up her book and handed it back. Then he turned on his heel and left the room.
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Debby said...

Lots of danger and lots of action. What a great story this one will be.
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Robin Danner said...

Thanks, Debby! I enjoyed writing it!