Sunday, November 4, 2012


I used to run in Junior High. I sucked as a sprinter, but later ran as exercise. College brought midnight runs with roommates.

Marriage and kids came along and running went on the back burner. This year I gained even more weight and injured my foot. I went to physical therapy for two months. That got me as far as it could. I came to the realization that if I don't lose the weight this will be a chronic injury. That doesn't fly with me.

I'm not THAT old.

So I began running about two months ago and plan to complete a 5K this month. While everyone else is doing NANO, I'm just running.

What does this have to do with writing?

Well, with running as with writing, some days it is easy. Some days it is not. For it to be a good day, I need to be in the moment both with writing and running. That's not easy for me. I'm thinking about what else I could be doing.

My biggest challenge will now be to change the time of day I run. It's too cold in the morning, so I'm going to run after lunch. This will require self-discipline. I hope i have it.

Writing requires self-discipline also. I seem to have that, but that's probably because writing doesn't make me out of breath. LOL.

Chris Redding lives in NJ with her family. She works part time for her local hospital. She has 5 romantic suspense books published.

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Debby said...

We found it was easier to buy a machine for the house. My hubby runs on it and I am going to try walking.
debby236 at gmail dot com