Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tirgearr Publishing presents Cathy Mansell


Shadow Across the Liffey was inspired by the loss of my first husband to Leukaemia. Oona’s loss and grief when her husband and little girl are killed in a Dublin car crash was difficult to write, but helped by my own experience made it easier to give my story that ring of truth.

I was a teenager living in the 1960s Dublin, before moving to Leicester with my first husband to find work.  There were no jobs in Dublin at the time, except for the very lucky, or the highly qualified.  In England, and in particular Leicester, one could walk from one job into another, and even get higher wages if you had the valued skills they were looking for.  I worked as an admin assistant and my husband was an assistant manager in the hosiery business for many years before his death.

Dublin and Ireland as a whole was a different place to what it is today.  Gone are most of the prejudiced views that plagued un-married mothers at that time, and Oona, my protagonist was no exception bringing up her  illegitimate son Sean with the help of her close family.  

 Shadow Across the Liffey, set in both Dublin and Leicester with lots of suspense and drama.  It also has some comic moments and happy times for Oona once she meets and falls in love with the charismatic hero of the book, Jack Walsh.

Vinny Kelly, antagonist and Sean’s biological father, is determined to win Oona back with dire consequences for Oona, and Sean.

Shadow Across the Liffey is also a reminder of a mother’s love and that in spite of great loss and diversity; it is possible to love again. 

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Cathy Mansell writes romantic fiction. Her recently written family sagas are set in her home country of Ireland. One of these sagas closely explores her affinities with Dublin and Leicester.

Her children's stories are frequently broadcast on local radio and she also writes newspaper and magazine articles. Cathy has lived in Leicester for fifty years.

She belongs to Leicester Writers' Club and edited an Arts Council-funded anthology of work by Lutterworth Writers, of which she is president. She's also a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association. 

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Debby said...

That is very hard to handle.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Catherine Lee said...

I'm a leukemia survivor...almost 14 years post-BMT (bone marrow transplant). I'm sorry that you lost your husband that way. I'm sure that was challenging to write.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

margaret kaine said...

Interesting to read about Cathy's journey through life and the sadness she's had to overcome. I love novels set in Ireland and am looking forward to the publication of Shadow across the Liffey.

Good luck Cathy and lots of success.

Margaret Penfold said...

Cathy is such a lovely sympathetic person, so cheerful one would never realise the tragedy she has experienced in her life.
I am really looking forward to her book coming out in the spring.

Cathy Mansell said...

Thanks Debby, Catherine, Margaret K and Margaret P for the comments you left on the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion regarding the introduction to my forthcoming book, Shadow Across the Liffey. Much appreciated.