Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love of Shadows Excerpt One

Hello Goddess Fish, thank you for allowing me to take part in today's party. Today I will be sharing with you all four excerpts from my new book Love of Shadows

Love of Shadows is the second novel in The Healer's Shadow trilogy, which began with Girl in the Glass. Set in an unnamed country the story follows the life of Judith and her Shadow Sarah. Their mentor and employer has just died as the book opens and Judith is struggling with grief, when she is arrested.

“Your second accuser, as I’m sure you will have worked out, was your mistress’ nephew. He claimed that you murdered her deliberately to get her money. A simple case of murder in the eyes of law, no fudge there.

“Both your accusers are men who if they found someone dying in the street would not stop to help, or rather they would – they would help themselves to whatever was in the dying man’s pocket. No, I don’t like either of them, but that doesn’t make their accusations wrong.”

He sifted through the folder and produced Elma’s legal will and her real one – the letter to me. There were nicotine stains on his fingers as they unfolded the fine notepaper my mistress always used for special letters. Holding it in one hand and the cigarette in the other, he read in silence. I had planned to keep the letter forever to remind me of her, lest I forget some day that that fine singular old woman had loved me. I knew that was in part why she had written it, knowing how much I doubted myself and others. I treasured it more than any money Elma could have given me and here it was an object of little interest in a police file, to be stowed in some drawer perhaps or worse waved in court as evidence to condemn. That young interrogator was nothing compared to this man, the Rottweiler knew how to worm under the skin without stunts or threats.

I am Zoe Brooks, a British writer and poet. I spend half my life in a partly restored old farmhouse in the Czech Republic, where I write all my novels and poetry. I aim to write popular books, which have complex characters and themes that get under the reader's skin.

I was a successful published poet in my teens and twenties, (featuring in the Grandchildren of Albion anthology). My long poem for voices Fool's Paradise is a finalist in the forthcoming EPIC ebook awards. More recently I have begun writing novels: Girl In The Glass - the first novel in a trilogy about the woman and healer Judith was published on Amazon in March 2012, followed by Mother of Wolves and Love of Shadows.

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