Sunday, July 7, 2013

When characters stand up and demand attention

Loxane, a Shamaness and leader of Hunters in the Rys Rising series by Tracy Falbe.

She was meant to make a single appearance in Rys Rising: Book I but ended up in all four novels of the series. Her name is Loxane and her primary titles are Shamaness of the Kelsurs and the High Priestess of Onja. Loxane even made the cover of the third novel in the Rys Rising series.

It’s not that Loxane took over the series. She just earned a much bigger place in the cast than I had originally imagined for her. She was meant to add some exotic sexual energy to the chapter when Amar attends his first Thievesmeet. The Thievesmeet is an annual late summer gathering of outlaws and the hunter-gatherer Kelsur Tribe. The Kelsurs revere their Shamaness, and Loxane’s appearance is the major event of the Thievesmeet.

But then at the end of her erotic dance, she singled Amar out of the crowd and sensed that he had been in contact with a magical being known as a rys. She did this in front of Lax Ar Fu, Overlord of the Kez, who is waiting to spend the night with her in a ritual coupling that marks the peak of the outlaw celebration.

Because Loxane is a woman who gets her way, she naturally got away with her public flirting. And I was becoming a little infatuated with her myself and decided to work her into the saga.

Could I really ignore a woman like this?

A sunburst tattoo encircled her navel and tattooed eagles adorned her thighs and perched on her knees. Snake tattoos coiled around her arms and their heads were drawn onto the backs of her hands with forked tongues going down her middle fingers. When she turned, Amar saw an elk tattoo on her back. Its great rack of antlers spread over her shoulder blades and its snout reached to the small of her back. The animal had starbursts in place of eyes, and when Loxane began to sway her body, the elk looked to be shaking its head.

Although I wrote about Loxane over the course of many years, she always remained remote to me. This is because I am a product of civilization and not a nomad shaman like her. Loxane would deride me as a weakling born under a roof.

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Sincerely, Tracy Falbe

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