Sunday, July 7, 2013

Book Two Exclusive Preview & Giveaway

When a mysterious curse threatens to transform everyone into shadowy demons, a magical eleven year-old girl must travel to a sunken city ruin—fighting pirates, monsters, and an undead sorcerer along the way—to find a weapon that can save her world.

The following excerpt is from the second book in the Ennara series, to be released in early 2014.

Exclusive Excerpt from Ennara and the Writ of Shadows

A soft rap sounded at the classroom door, interrupting Mr. Tyilasun’s lecture on the origin of the races of Lan. He sighed, lifting the chalk mid-line between a line of trolls and a mountainous tribe of humans on the largest continent, in the pre-comet world.

         Tyilasun opened the door and murmured something. A familiar voice responded. He turned back tot he class. “Ennara, someone is here for you.”

         Ennara gathered her books and looked at Cinna. Her best friend raised a thin brown eyebrow. Ennara shrugged.

         She stepped out of the classroom to find Kithe, out of breath, in the hallway. He wore his fencing jacket and trousers, his cheeks red from exercise. “What are you doing here?”

         “Gevin’s here.” He beamed.

         “Gevin?” She’d last seen him three months ago, during her and Kithe’s summer break in Hogin. He’d been stationed in Dordonne a short time for training.

         “He’s on shoreleave. He sent a message up to the house. Tork’s given us permission to leave class to get him.” Kithe started to walk down the hall. “I’m getting changed. Meet me out front?”

         “Okay.” Ennara grinned. Gevin had never seen Icelan before. She couldn’t wait to show him around. She ran to her locker to get her book bag and jacket.

Angela Myron is the author of the middle grade fantasy series Ennara, the upcoming paranormal mystery A Hair of the Dog that Bit Her, and a stack of technical manuals on everything from nonlinear editing to data encryption. She lives in Whittier, California, with her husband and their twins.

Learn about Angela Myron's stories at: | Facebook/AngelaMyron | Twitter @AngelaMyron | Goodreads/AngelaMyron

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kaisquared said...

I read all types of books, and my favorite fantasy author is C. S. Lewis.

Angela Myron said...

CS Lewis is one of my favorites too, Kaisquared. I think my favorite of his books is The Magician's Nephew. Thanks for stopping by!

Angela Myron said...

Congratulations, kaisquared! You won the calendar print. I'll contact you by email for more details.