Sunday, July 7, 2013

Living Forever

The true story of the Romanovs has all the elements of a blockbuster tale –

The rich and the powerful leading a life of unbelievable luxury only to have it all snatched away –

A boy with a terminal illness –

A mad monk, who was impossible to kill –

As a teacher I often taught the tale in my classes, the history of Russia, the science of hemophilia, the god that Rasputin claimed gave him his powers --

And then I thought -- What if 

What if Rasputin’s power came from a jewel and that’s how he was keeping Alexei alive?

What if the reason that Rasputin was impossible to kill was because he was clutching that jewel?

And what if one of little princesses got a hold of the jewel so, in spite of the bullets which were hurled at her body, she would not drop to the ground.

And what if that stone landed in the hands of a lonely, bullied teenager one hundred years later?

The possibilities are endless.

Would you want to live forever? Would you want a jewel that would enable you to do so?

What would you do if that stone landed in your possession? Would you keep it for yourself? Would you give it away to someone who really needed it? Or someone the world needed?

One Stone Left Unturned raises these questions as it tells the story of the past and the present.

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Catherine Lee said...

I don't think I would like to live forever...although it would be nice to see how the future looks.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com