Sunday, July 7, 2013

Living Backwards by Tracy Sweeney Excerpt

Getting excited as I prep for my upcoming Goddess Fish Virtual Tour.  Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite scenes in LIVING BACKWARDS and one of the reasons I loved writing Luke so much.  He says it like it is:

Sometimes, the things you want to savor the most seem to pass by the fastest. Sometimes there are moments you wish you could freeze and revisit whenever you wanted. As I looked at Jillian, lying on my bed—with her pale skin against the dark fabric—I knew this was one of those moments because everything would inevitably move by so fast.

Articles of clothing rained down on my bedroom floor as we pulled and yanked off the remainder of each other’s clothes. Then it was just us. No bullshit. No pretenses.

The feeling was so intense and consuming and kept building and building—becoming everything I was and replacing everything I had. When I was finally able to let go and let the fire within me burn, I was never so happy to be reduced to ashes because I always felt at home in her flames.

And when we were both still and the room was quiet, I didn’t mourn the fact that the moment had passed and it was over. I knew from the fire, there’d be rebirth—something stronger, something better and something to remind me why it was all right to burn.

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