Sunday, July 7, 2013

Daddy Daughter Conflict

Rys Rising: Book I by Tracy Falbe, a passionate epic told from many angles.

The relationship between fathers and daughters is fertile ground for conflict in storytelling. Little girls love that their fathers protect them, but when they mature into young women they no longer want him guarding the gates.

In Rys Rising: Book I the character of Princess Demeda was my vehicle for visiting the darker side of the daddy daughter dyad. She learns that she will be forced into an arranged marriage with the king of her tribe’s greatest enemy. Demeda is told that this will maintain peace, but her fury cannot be quelled by duty. She does not want to be sent over to the enemy tribe, and the fact that she would be the king’s fourth wife is especially insulting to her.

Naturally the course of the story gives her an exciting opportunity to get back at daddy. The increasingly notorious warlord Amar has reasons of his own to disrupt the treaty marriage between tribes. Known by the name dro-shalum or “curse demon” he has rapidly gained notoriety among tribal leaders. He now seeks to disrupt tribal stability so that his mercenary society can benefit.

Against this backdrop Demeda throws herself at Amar, hoping to gain her freedom. He had thought that his ambitions superseded mere desire for female company, but Amar is captivated by her daring character. When he lays hands upon her body, he declares, “No bargains. No promises.”

Demeda’s personal quest for independence is only one part of the saga begun in Rys Rising: Book I. Her tale is woven with the adventures of many others. But her reckless teenage deeds remain one of my favorite parts of the story.

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