Sunday, July 7, 2013

Penalty Clause Excerpt and FREE Novella

Penalty Clause is Book 2 in the Sutton Capital Series and readers are saying they love it even more than the first book! Enjoy this excerpt and then keep reading to find out how you can get a free copy of my new novella, The Baker's Bodyguard.


The soft, faded material of Andrew’s jeans tugged tightly across his thighs as he raised his feet onto the rungs of his kitchen stool. Jill swallowed a groan and dragged her eyes away from his lap. Except her gaze caught on other parts of his lap as she tried to pull away and she couldn’t prevent the quick glance at his zipper or the imagined images of what lay beneath it.

Crappity, crap, crap. Stop looking, Jill!

Jill forced her eyes up, but even that was problematic. Just the sight of Andrew’s hands when he accepted the mug sent Jill’s mind reeling in naughty directions. She shivered when his hand brushed hers and wondered what those strong hands would feel like on her skin, around her waist, or skimming up to her breasts. Jill blushed and had difficulty drawing her eyes to Andrew’s face.

She almost cringed to think she was sitting in her grandparents’ kitchen thinking about a naked Andrew Weston.

I must be more overdue for a meaningless fling than I thought, Jill mused as she watched Andrew wink at her over his mug. On so many men, a wink like that would look like such as arrogant gesture. For Andrew, it just looked easy and sexy. Just part of who he was.

Jill wondered if she could sleep with Andrew. He sure seemed to be laid back and not exactly Mr. Commitment, which boded well for a casual fling. On the other hand, Andrew was too close to home to mess around with. Their families were close. Things would be uncomfortable down the road when they had to see each other after it ended. Probably not wise to mess with Andrew Weston, even if he was a Greek god brought to life in her kitchen. Jill buried a sigh and focused on friendly chit chat instead of sexy fantasies.


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