Sunday, July 7, 2013


Since the release of LEGACY REBORN, the ninth and wrap-up book to my Halo Legacy Series, I've been celebrating to the nines!

Books specially priced at 99 cents! Gift cards for $9! And culminating with a Super Book Blast on July 9!

I'm getting a head-start on giving gift cards by drawing the name of one lucky commenter today to receive a $9 gift card. Hope to see your name in the comments!

The heroine of LEGACY REBORN, Phoenix, has many past memories that have driven her to put the needs of everyone else before her own. Learning she deserves her own happiness is difficult, but CJ's quiet, steadfast love and the blunt helpfulness of her soul sisters finally convince Phoenix to allow love into her life. Here's an excerpt near the end of LEGACY REBORN that reflects the sweetness of that realization.


As the sun stretched its morning rays gently over the farm, Phoenix rose quietly and walked onto the newly constructed deck. Tears misted her eyes once again. 

"Do you like it?" CJ asked. 

Phoenix turned to stare at the man standing several feet away from her. The man she was going to marry today. 
She couldn't speak, but nodded and held out her hand to him. 

CJ took her hand and led her to stand in front of the sliding glass doors that enclosed the deck, making it a cozy retreat with a fire burning in the outdoor fireplace. 

"You have blisters on your hands." Phoenix turned CJ's hands up and looked at the palms. 

"Love blisters." 

Phoenix laughed as she shook her head. "I'm sure I have some ointment I've used for the llamas that will help those." 
"I don't want to upset Romeo by using all his ointment." 

They laughed together, then lapsed into silence. After a moment, CJ asked, "Are you okay with getting married?" 

Slowly, Phoenix nodded. "I still can't quite believe something so beautiful has come into my life. Then all the old fears and doubts start crowding into my head. But my sisters helped me see love is a gift we should treasure and not a regret we passed up." 

Turning his palms up, Phoenix kissed the blisters on CJ's hands. One by one. 


(Copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel.)


kaisquared said...

LOL at llama ointment!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

I had a good time writing the llama in this story. He's featured in a number of scenes. :)

Thanks for stopping by!