Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hunting for Treasure with Giveaway

When I was a kid, every summer my friends and I were sent off to summer camp for a couple of weeks. At the time, I didn’t understand why Mom and Dad were so anxious to get me out of the house....Now that I’m a mom, let’s just say I get it.  
Nevertheless, I always had a great time. One of my favorite games besides Capture the Flag was having a treasure hunt. I couldn't wait to search for clues and crack the riddles. Is it any wonder that I ended up writing paranormal-mystery?

In the spirit of summer fun, let’s have a treasure hunt right here. The prize is a free eBook copy of any one of my books.

How to win—
  •       Throughout the party, I’ll post the riddles—four in all.
  •       Enter your answers in the comment section of each riddle.
  •       Correct answers get you into the drawing for the free book. If you get all four right, you’re in four times!
  •       At 8:00 PM the contest will end and at 8:30 PM, a random drawing will determine the winner. I’ll post his or her name, we’ll exchange emails, and then the treasure will be theirs! Yay! 
Answers to all riddles can be found on my website:

Remember, the more riddles you solve, the better your chances of winning!

Ready? Here we go!

Riddle #1
I enjoy comedy and like to laugh, even at myself. Can you find the humorous tab on my website? If you can, type in the title in the comments section.

Next riddle posts at 11:18 AM

Good luck!


Judy Teel said...

Post to win! Can't wait to see if you can track down the clues.

LhasaLuma said...

"Brain Fog Blog" haha! love it!