Sunday, July 7, 2013

Loni Lynne Talks About Her Setting and Inspiration Behind Her Debut Novel Wanted: One Ghost/ And $5 Gift Card Giveaway

There is something beautiful and artistic about cemeteries.  The older the better--as long as they are well kept.  There is one in my town in which I used as inspiration for my debut novel, Wanted: One Ghost. I was delighted that the wonderful cover artist, Taria A. Reed was able to capture the mood and setting for the cover of my book.

Set in a contemporary time frame I had to tie it in with history and intrigue. I live in a historical city in Western Maryland in which both Revolutionary and Civil War history is in great amounts. My main character was pre-Revolutionary War (just barely) in my fictional town of Kings Mill, Maryland I created based on some from my local and surrounding towns like Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

But what does a local cemetery have to do with this post? It's a ghost story for one. Not only that, my heroine, April Branford is a historian who enjoys doing rubbings of epitaphs and designs on tombstones. She loves the history they represent of people from a different time period.

April does have a bit of me in her. The inspiration hit me for this story on a ghost tour. I loved wondering, "What if a ghost was listening in to his story being told? What would he think or say?" So I started to write the first draft to the story.  But I needed more inspiration, I wanted to share what she felt when she walked the cemetery in the fall and winter.  What would she smell? What would the environment around her be like?

I'm sharing some pictures that I took while doing my research. Envision yourself walking through the crisp-topped snow covered ground, the scent of clean, winter air mixed with wood smoke from nearby homes that have their fireplaces lit for warmth. Enjoy!

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Catherine Lee said...

Congrats on your debut. I, too, like cemeteries. Those pictures of the snow covered ones are so serene and peaceful. I think they're great places to contemplate life.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Loni Lynne said...

Exactly! It is really serene. I love it in the fall, too. Thanks so much, Catherine. :)