Sunday, December 2, 2012

What Others Say About WICKED PARADISE!

5-Star review from Paranormal Romance Guild
Morgan is twenty-five years old, and it is her birthday, the day that she saw as her death. She has Seers Sight, and rarely if ever are her visions wrong, so today is her birthday and death day. She lives on the Island of Avalon where she is the High Druid Sorceress and her father is a High Sorcerer. She and all that live on the island are virtual prisoners since none can leave. Druid magic is dying off everywhere, and Avalon is where the last sorcerers of the ancient blood reside. If all Druid magic dies then the Fomorians, god of chaos and destruction, will multiply and cause humans and animals in the future to perish. Water will be tainted and blight will cover the Earth's surface, trees and plants will be few.

Morgan expects to die this day, but her father has different plans for her. The future cannot be changed and it has already seen the Earth's destruction. Morgan is the one who can save Avalon's magic and help Earth's survivors rebuild. The Fomorians must be destroyed, but it all starts with the destruction of WindWraith, a demon imprisoned on a hidden island. It is up to her to ensure WindWraith cannot leave the island. His freedom would mean the total end of Avalon and Earth. But saving everyone comes with a huge price, she must defeat a very powerful demon and she can never leave this island. The demon's prison will now be hers.
Her only consolation is that she will meet a Druid Assassin from the future who will assist her. Ryan O'Rourke set off in a boat from twenty-first century New Angeles to enter into a pact with other Druid covens, unfortunately with a little help from Morgan's father's magic, he lands on the island. Those on Earth who remain alive, fight to survive every day, little food and water make day to day living a hell. But, fate and magic have conspired to bring Ryan and Morgan together.
They are both shocked when they meet since they have been dreaming of each other and their attraction to each other is instant. Ryan is a Druid Master Sorcerer with strong magic but he is reluctant to reveal what magic he possesses, just as Morgan is hesitant to reveal hers. They both know that they are dealing with pure evil, Morgan wants it destroyed only Ryan has other ideas. Can they work together to end the WindWraith's reign of terror? Can they trust in each other? Will they give in to their feelings for each other? If Morgan cannot leave the island, does that mean Ryan is equally trapped?
This is a book full of adventure, romance and two wonderfully heroic characters. The author's descriptions of the island are beautiful and the passion between Morgan and Ryan leaves you turning the pages to see if they can finally come together. The interaction with the Demon at times leaves you breathless. A great book. 
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Debby said...

It does sound like an amazing tale of action, adventure and love.
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Beckey said...

Thanks for sharing :) seems like it'll be an interesting read ..