Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snowflake - Writing A Series By The Seat Of My Pants - Cynthia Sax

Snowflake, my Christmas story for 2012, is the third story of a trilogy about the fairy killing Christmas demon (Nerva, the hero). All of the stories (Bitsy’s Christmas Demon, Clothing Optional, and Snowflake) can be read on their own. When read together, however, readers see the terrible things Nerva has done and why he questions whether or not he deserves love.

Being a pantser (a writer who writes by the seat of her pants, with no plot decided upon before she starts writing), I had no idea how this series would end until I wrote Snowflake. This process is fun yet scary. The first two stories had been published. What if Nerva died? Or worse, what if he couldn’t be stopped?

But the flipside is… I couldn’t wait to write Snowflake. I wanted to learn more about Nerva. I wanted to meet the female who would love a bad, bad demon like Nerva. I wanted to find out how it ended. This ended up as my favorite story of the series. Both the heroine and hero are deliciously bad and wonderful together.

By Cynthia Sax
Now Available From Changeling Press


Merry is the manufacturing plant slut. The Christmas Fairy performs her unofficial duties as a Santa's Helper on her back, bringing holiday cheer to the hard-working elves.
Nerva is the ancient demon known as the fairy killer. He pulls the wings off fairies, searching for a cure to his age-inflicted madness.
When bad meets bad, Christmas miracles happen.

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