Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowflake – Expectations Of Being Good – Cynthia Sax

Merry, the heroine of my 2012 Christmas erotic romance Snowflake, is a Christmas fairy. Christmas fairies are supposed to bring happiness and cheer. They’re also supposed to be good, definitely ranked high on Santa’s good girl list.

Merry’s name creates almost unreasonable expectations. Everyone expects a person called Merry to be happy and… well… good.

Merry is NOT a good Christmas fairy and she’s not happy, especially during Christmas time. Everyone has someone and she has no one. She doesn’t even have a noble purpose. All of the other fairies and elves are making toys and loading sleighs. She earns her pay as the toy manufacturing plant’s slut, her body all that she has to give.

Yep, Merry is on Santa’s naughty list and she knows it. She doesn’t expect to receive any presents this year and she certainly doesn’t expect to find love.

Happily for Merry, love and presents aren’t solely reserved for the very good. A very, VERY bad demon is waiting to love Merry and he’s bringing presents.

By Cynthia Sax
Now Available From Changeling Press


Merry is the manufacturing plant slut. The Christmas Fairy performs her unofficial duties as a Santa's Helper on her back, bringing holiday cheer to the hard-working elves.
Nerva is the ancient demon known as the fairy killer. He pulls the wings off fairies, searching for a cure to his age-inflicted madness.
When bad meets bad, Christmas miracles happen.

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I hope Merry gets what she wants this year.
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