Sunday, December 2, 2012

Historicals and the frigid wife

The frigid wife is one of the classic ploys in romance literature. A wife who is untried and frightened and the husband who needs to cajole her into experiencing the sensual part of her nature. It has been used again and again in many forms and I decided to use it in Seduction of My Proper Wife but with a twist.
As with many of my stories; a third party is involved in the de-frigiding (yes I know it is not a word) of the wife, Lillian. But this time that third party is a paid companion...a female paid companion. There is a line in the book that says a woman is much more gentler with these matters.
That is how I show Lillian's awakening, with a woman guiding her to become aware of her own sensuality. What it awakens in her is a lust for both her husband, Philip, and for the woman who helped her realize her lust for life, Aria.
But it's all in how a threesome will last when Victorian morals were  too rigid and condemning.
Seduction of my Proper Wife: A Victorian Menage at the Parisian Expostion

Curious, Lillian wanted to touch the fine fabric, to push it aside and see what lay behind the covering, but Hasina acted as if on a mission and hurried her along. No doubt, Lillian thought bitterly, because the Egyptian wished to close the monetary deal with Philip.
But then they reached the far end of the hallway and those thoughts fled in the face of such vibrancy.
The candle-lighted walls were painted in vivid colors, some with floral designs, others with life-like representations of people. Dozens of rugs covered the floor, each an intricate pattern colorfully and beautifully finished down to the last stitch. Dazzling pillows covered the rugs, and as far as Lillian could see no chairs populated the room.
In the center of the room a working fountain sat, water gushing out of the top to trickle down the rest of the tiers. Above that a small domed skylight allowed in the faintest of moonlight.
Only now did women start to move into the room from behind curtained doors. Lillian stared, unable to stop herself. If she’d been mesmerized by the gracefully undulating bodies before, she was shocked and enthralled now.
These women had discarded any semblance of modesty and walked into the room clad only in a single swath of the sheer fabric they danced in. Their tops, the triangle-cut material that barely covered their breasts and was held up only by the thinnest of strings tied behind them.
Beneath the fabric they were completely bare.
Lillian stiffened and, realizing how she stared, lowered her eyes from the sight.
She felt Hasina patiently waiting beside her, but it took a moment for Lillian to raise her eyes and quell her embarrassment enough to look at the other woman. When she eventually did, Hasina moved to stand before her.
“This is our common room,” Hasina said as she waved to the women, who had taken a keen interested in Lillian, behind her. “Here you’ll find some of my girls relaxing or enjoying a meal. On rare occasions, a gentleman or two will enjoy this space with the girls.”
That last statement surprised Lillian. She hadn’t expected anyone else to be here, but then that had been foolish of her to assume. If Philip could procure their services for her, then of course these women were sold to men who wished to enjoy them.


Debby said...

Not sure h ow many men spent time trying to cajole their wives. I think many took and could care less.
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Kristabel Reed said...

All too true! And the unfortunate fact was that forcing their wives was legal.