Saturday, December 15, 2012

So thrilled to be here!

Thank you Goddess Fish! I love coming over to your site - it's always a lot of fun. Hi to all my fellow Naughty Changelings. And most important, hello to all the wonderful readers out there - without whom my stories would still be written, but would end up in boxes upon boxes (or backups upon backups now-a-days). You are what makes writing so much fun!

So, tell me, what’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Nipple clamps? That new leather crop you spied in the window of your favorite adult store? Maybe something more adventurous like a DP vibrator? Toys, don’t get me wrong, are fabulous items to have. A must have, if you ask me. But what if you could receive similar pleasures without them? And without the multiple men to make that dream come true? 

Imagine being bathed by a tongue that can tantalize your nipples and stroke across his cock at the same time. Or how about the infamous double penetration aspect, with one beauty of a male providing the stimulation? Yes, I do wonder about these scenarios late at night. It’s the great big “what if” factor that keeps my fingers typing. 

Seriously, though, wouldn’t these touches and sensations send you sky-high?
In my latest release, Santa’s Helpers: Zarakion’s Tip, my heroine finds out the answer is yes, yes, yes!

This Santa's Helper is paranormal, and it involves fantasy creatures. An elf and a demon, to be precise. Why go otherworld and not use contemporary humans? Easy, because I wanted the intimacy between the characters to occur in such a way that it would be impossible for humans to manipulate without the toy factor. I wanted skin on skin. Flesh to flesh. With all the scents and sounds and delights that can only come from one touch to another. Toss in the fact that I love to write about elves, and this story practically wrote itself. 

To me, elves are the epitome of sensual. I see them as lithe, petite, open and uninhibited creatures that are always willing to try something new. In this case, my elf, Taryn, works for a special delivery system of the North Pole. She’s a newbie to the job and the other elves arrange for her take the dreaded trip to deliver packages to Hell. When she arrives and meets the Demon in Receiving she’s intimated at first, but true to her nature, curiosity wins. As the story unfolds, Taryn and her Demon, Zarakion, explore the many ways the two are different, yet match so well together. 

Perhaps while you’re shopping this Christmas season and need a few minutes to unwind, you’ll consider picking up a copy of Zarakion’s Tip. I will say this, the antics of my characters may not be possible in the “norm” of humans, but it will make you take a new look at your toy collection and consider what other items you’ll want to add to your naughty list. 


Ayla Ruse
~Ensnare yourself in love

Santa’s Helpers: Zarakion’s Tip – where delivery tips come in all shapes and sizes, is available now from Changeling Press

You can visit Ayla at her website | blog | twitter | facebook | goodreads


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