Sunday, December 2, 2012

24 5-Star Reviews on Amazon for Romantic Suspense Black Creek Burning

Here's one of them from EPIC Award Winning Author Laurie Larsen:

I thoroughly enjoyed RT Wolfe’s masterful debut novel, Black Creek Burning.  Written with confident expertise on a variety of topics such as landscaping and home remodeling, I got wrapped up in the engaging storytelling of this wonderful tale of love, danger and suspense.  Along the way I completely fell in love with hero Nathan as he patiently transformed the heroine Brie from an icy self-proclaimed independent into a woman willing to accept the love of a strong man and a family in need of a mother.  The details were delicious, the settings were masterfully painted, the mystery was a stumper and the romance was beautifully satisfying. 

A top-rate romantic suspense from a talented promising new author.  I hear rumors that this is the first book of a series, and I gleefully await the sequel!

Laurie Larsen,
Author of Preacher Man, 2010 EPIC Award Winner


Debby said...

Amazing commentary.
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RT Wolfe said...

Thank you, Debby. Good luck!