Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lack of the Death of the Historical

Downton Abbey, Les Misérables, Anna Karenina, Copper, Mad Men, Spartacus, Boardwalk Empire, I could go on!

It is also my understanding that ABC is developing a new historical set during the Gilded Age. My point in mentioning all of this is that the historical's death has been greatly exaggerated! The historical story transports us to a place and time we could never dream of imagining in real life. A contemporary fiction story can take us to all corners of the world and some of the most exotic locales but a historical can truly take us somewhere we can't go now.

In my latest story, Seduction of My Proper Wife, a Victorian Ménage at the Parisian Exposition, aside from it being a mouthful, it takes place in Paris 1889 during the famous World's fair that brought to being the Eiffel Tower.

I was recently in Disney world and walked through the Epcot Pavilions and I just know Disney would have given his left eyetooth to get the magnificent Pavilions they had at the 1889 Fair. That fair was visited by millions and is arguably one of the most successful fairs in history. So many countries brought so much to Paris for those six months, it was exotic and erotic all at once. A true feast for the senses. And I could not help but to set a story amongst such wonder.  

There was both an innocence and a savvy in the Victorian era that is so much fun to play with as a writer. The face of the prim and proper that is accepted history of the Victorians but there was also the seedy underbelly that exists throughout time. The mystique and allure of the unknown and the curious.

Kristabel Reed lives on the East Coast and loves to explore the steamier side of historical romance. "There are so many sexy situations that didn't just pop up in the 21st century and my goal is to burst the myth of the prim and proper debutante." She loves romances but historical ménages particularly which add an element of danger and discovery not seen in contemporaries. Historically speaking, unusual romantic connections put lives on the line-people were ostracized and some even put to the death. 

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I love historicals. I think they are alive and well.
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