Saturday, December 15, 2012

Punk Bears and Christmas Snow ~ Dreams Come True

Do you love a white hot romance? One that's a little off the beaten path? Then Christmas Glow might be the book for you. I've always liked writing second chance stories and when Pixie and Nitro spoke to me, I had to tell their story. Now you might have seen title and wondered why I mentioned punk bears. Grin. Pixie is in charge of the Teddy Bear department up at the North Pole. She's also known for taking liberties with the bears. Sure, she's got bears that are the traditional colors and styles, but she also loves to think outside the box. Some of her bears have mowhawks. Some are green. Some have rhinestones and others have studs. The best part of it all, as much as Santa might complain, the bears are a big hit. Kids and adults request them. So this year she's allowed one wish. Yes. Santa gives his elves a wish and hers is to see Glow. You don't know Glow? They are only the biggest punk band out now. Anyway, she wants to see them. Oh, and the guy she met while at the one and only concert she attended. Will Santa give in and grant her request? Will Nitro still be interested? And will they both get their heart's desire? You'll have to read Christmas Glow to find out!

Santa's Helpers: Christmas Glow

by Megan SlayerCover art: Reneé George
BIN: 06091-01955
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy, Hot Flashes, Erotic Romance
Theme(s): Magic, Seasonal Themes, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: Santa's Helpers (#6)
Length: Hot Flash
Page Count: 30

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Megan Slayer - Sometimes It's Fun to Squirm
"Ms. Slayer has penned a fast-paced, action packed story with engaging characters and uninhibited passion." BlackRaven's Reviews


Debby said...

Sounds great. I could use some Glow.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Megan Slayer said...

Thank you Debby. I hope you enjoy it!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

:-) Thanks!!