Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Elves are still ringing!

In my family, as we try to accommodate everyone's traditions, we've wound up spreading celebrations out over several weeks. This year, though, Christmas day itself is going to be fairly quiet and I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to being able to just sit around and relax on the day itself. Still, I'm also looking forward to the three or four get-togethers with extended family and friends as well. 

Whether you're spending your Christmas doing something quiet, or as a part of a huge celebration with lots of people, I wish you happiness, peace and as much smut to read as you desire!

I've got another excerpt from Christmas Elves are Ringing for you.


Can Bane give Joey the attitude adjustment he needs in time to fill Santa's sleigh with toys?  (Spoiler alert -- he can!)
2nd excerpt:
Snow was falling, the sounds of choirs practicing grating on Joey’s ears. They left that behind as they kept moving, though, and Bane swatted him twice more before they pushed through the door to their home.
The house was like a little oasis -- warm and dark, masculine, without a single hint of green or red. It was perfect, and one hundred percent theirs.
They didn’t stop in the front room. Or the kitchen. And they didn’t turn into the bedroom. Instead, Bane went right, straight to the little room where they... played.
Oh, fuck him. Yes. “I’m not going in there!” He screamed the words out, kicking again.
“Not your choice, baby.” Bane closed the door once they were in. Locked it. Only then was he put down.
They stood there, staring each other down, both breathing hard.
Then Bane grabbed Joey’s sweater and pulled him up hard against that amazing body, mouth coming down like a ton of bricks on his. He let himself feel that for a moment, just opening up, drowning for a moment in the kiss. Nobody kissed like Bane. Nobody.
Once he had his balance back, he started fighting again, giving them both what they needed. He was moved backward, slowly but surely, Bane stronger than him, more determined.
“I was working, you asshole.”
Bane snorted. “You were not.”
“Was too!” Fucker.
“You were throwing shit around.” Bane dragged him right over to the padded bench and pushed him over it on his stomach. It put him at exactly the right level for Bane to fuck him. Please God, please let Bane fuck him.
“I was frustrated! I’m on a deadline.”
“So am I.” There was a grin in Bane’s words.
Joey’s legs were spread, his right ankle put into a cuff. He kicked out with his left, the action somehow putting it right in Bane’s heavy hand.
“Good elf,” murmured Bane, hand stroking his sole before attaching the cuff.
Shackled to the padded bench, he opened up, trusted Bane with his truth. “I’m trapped, in my chest. It’s like I can’t breathe.”
“You know you can ask when you need things. You don’t have to throw tantrums.” Bane grabbed Joey’s right hand and stroked his palm several times before cuffing his wrist to the bench.
“I need to.” Sometimes. Lots of times. This whole... thing they’d found was newish still. Good and necessary, but newish.
Bane gave him a sudden, surprising grin as his other wrist was cuffed. “It’s kind of hot.”

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything

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