Sunday, December 2, 2012

Parisian World's Fair 1889 and Menage series

Central Dome of the Fair from
The fair is a backdrop for six ménage stories throughout the six months the fair ran. With thirty-three million people having gone through the fair, six stories does not seem unreasonable. There was a mystery and mystique to the Parisian Exposition. It was before the days of television and internet videos; people didn't know much about the world outside their country or even their cities and towns. To go to a fair where the world was coming to them and they could see and experience an Egyptian belly dance or taste a Mexican tamale was the height of exotic to them.
There was as much wonder and joy in the eyes of the goers as was seen when we landed on the moon or the first tablet was delivered to your hands.
In the Parisian series, each story explores not only the wonders of the fair, but the wonders and excitement of new experience in both sex and love. In the first of the series a frigid wife is awakened by a beautiful Egyptian courtesan. In the second we will see a powerful man, used to getting everything and anything be seduced and conflicted by both another man and a woman when they do not bend to his will. Later in the series we will see a wallflower test the limits of her fortitude and a spinster shock her suitors by telling them she enjoys her freedom from marriage. 
 And there will be a rake, because how could there not be? And this rake will be outmatched in every conceivable manner!

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