Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who is D"Anne Palmer and why does she own a forty foot RV?

D'Anne Palmer is stuck outside of Nashville. Her husband of twenty-five years drops dead on their last ditch, marriage-saving tour across country, and a month later, D'Anne discovers she's also penniless. Desperate for money, and yearning to get home to her two adult sons, the 46 year old widow posts an ad at the local Laundromat.

40 foot RV for hire, plus cook and driver. Fee negotiable.

Playing chauffeur to the highest bidder seems like D'Anne's only ticket home to California.
So who is D'Anne, what does she look like, how does she feel? I tend to envision my characters from the inside out. First I figure out what their problem is, why they can't achieve their goal, and what motivates them to start or continue their quest, then I look outward to their appearance. When I reached the "flesh and bones" part of creating D'Anne Palmer, I saw the personification of a down-on-her-luck, spunky kid. In ONE FOR THE ROAD, the forty-six year old spunky kid looked like this:

I hope you'll join D'Anne Palmer and Tyler White on the road from Tennessee to Las Vegas by way of Texas.
One the biggest detour of her life, D'Anne Palmer discovers there's no place like home... and home is where the heart is.
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Karen said...

Congratulations on the soon-to-be released One for the Road! It must feel like it has taken forever to get here! Looking forward to reading it!
Karen C.
kacbooks at hotmail dot com

Bianca Swan said...

You did a great introduction of D'Anne. In the first paragraph, I already felt as if I knew her and she definitely had my sympathy!

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Karen - it did feel like forever to hold this book in my hands. I'm so happy to share it with readers and thank you for looking forward to reading it!

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Bianca! Oh, you've made my day. I'm glad I conveyed D'Anne in the first paragraph. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for her, and I hope she'll find her way into your heart too!

Digital release - July 13th.

Wish I'd remembered to post the beautiful cover! :(

Mimi Barbour said...

Okay, you got me hooked. I'll be watching for when this book is let us know on the loop. Bianca was did do a great job on the introduction.
Mimi Barbour

Lynne Marshall said...

Thank you, Mimi, and I'm thrilled the lovely Judy got my cover posted.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.


Lynne Marshall said...

BTW, Karen, Bianca and Mimi, if you would contact me via my website contact page:

I'd like to give each of you a little something as a thanks for commenting.


Calisa Rhose said...

I'm late to the party but had to stop by and say that this, oddly enough, sounds like a dream vacation to me! I need this one in my tbr!!

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Calisa! LOL. You know, as D'Anne puts in more and more miles with these guys, she begins to thrive and grow, hopefully the readers will enjoy this "dream vacation". LOL

Thanks for making it by.