Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dancing With Bear: A Love Story by Marie "Lady Bear" Marler

From a prison visiting room to the redwoods of Humboldt County, California and across the United States, Bear & Marie Marler have ministered to bikers, drug addicts, hookers, & inmates.

Author Marie "Lady Bear" Marler has written a poignant, humorous and candid book about her life with J. Bear Marler in Dancing With Bear: A Love Story, (210 pp., Dancing With Bear Publishing, paperback, release date 7/01/2011).

Dancing With Bear: A Love Story chronicles the life of Marie Marler from her days as a battered wife and living on welfare to support her children, to the visiting room of the prison at Soledad, California where she met J. Bear Marler, who was serving time for a bank robbery. After waiting four years for Bear to serve his time and eventually parole, Marie's story shows how love not only survives but also overcomes some of life's most tragic moments. From the death of Bear's sixteen-year-old daughter, Cassandra in 1992, to the struggle of raising a dozen kids, helping Bear adjust to his new life of freedom, and to the altar at Redwood Christian Center where both Bear & Marie dedicated their lives to God. This book takes the reader on a journey of hardship, loss, love, and above all, how one couple overcame a myriad of obstacles on the road to becoming ministers and evangelists who traveled the United States preaching the Gospel to hookers, bikers, inmates, & drug addicts.

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