Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bound for Romance Anthology Em Petrova

Arriving in Wonderland
Em Petrova

When I was approached to write a bondage-themed story for an anthology, one important book of my past immediately floated to the surface of my mind—A.N. Roquelaure’s Sleeping Beauty. This titillating series written by Anne Rice (my goddess!) under her pen name were my first foray into the mysterious and enthralling world of BDSM. I found by the end of her series that my mind had been formed by her words, and I too craved a little dominance, submission and maybe a spanking or two. *wink*

 I loved the skewing of a well-known fairy tale, and I knew I too wanted to try my hand at tormenting some beloved characters from my childhood. Kinky? Yeah. Twisted? Oh hells yeah! When I ran through the fairy tales I could use, Alice was the most intriguing. And a story blossomed.

 In Alice’s world, she has a long, slow fall from reality. Here she escapes boredom and enters a life where she’s out of control. In her new surroundings, she feels more out of control but over time she becomes self-disciplined. In the real “Alice in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carroll, Alice can’t get what she wants through tears. She realizes her tears are selfish and thrashes herself by saying she can’t get what she wants right now.

 In my story, Alice’s Wonderland, I tried to show Alice’s growth—she mentally shrinks and expands throughout the story. The hero Rabbit leads her as the white rabbit led Alice, and everything in her new life is exaggerated.

 Here’s a sample of my edgier take on “Alice in Wonderland.”  Thanks for exploring this fantasy with me!


While Alice is caught reattaching her stocking to her garter at a party, she looks up to see a gorgeous stud wearing only white leather pants and twin nipple piercings. After closer inspection, she’s stunned to find he’s really her old childhood friend, nicknamed Rabbit. When he asks her to come home with him to talk, she quiets the inner voice that reminds her she swore off bad boys. She’s all alone in a big city and yearning for a family connection. Rabbit’s presence seems like a balm to her wounded soul.

Rabbit has loved Alice since boyhood, and spent years waiting for the moment when he can get her alone. Once inside his bizarre world, he uses leather cuffs and hair bondage to teach Alice the true extent of her passions. But can she see past the boy he once was and give the man he now is the trust they both need?


Alice edged behind a sofa arm, dipped a hand under her skirt, and fiddled with her stocking. Feeling along her thigh, she located the garter clip. Around her, the party raged on, the floor flooded with bodies. Writhing to the music, moshing. She reattached the thin fabric and smoothed down her deep blue skirt.

 "I saw that." A deep male voice sounded by her ear.

 She jerked. Her heart slammed the wall of her ribs and she clapped a hand over it, trying to still the throbbing pulsations that radiated through her body and shoved the beat of the metal music from her ears.

 She twisted to look up at the guy who spoke to her. And kept looking. Damn, he was a stunning bit of male flesh. Broad shoulders. Corded arms. Flanks of muscle outlining his waist, which disappeared into a pair of the tightest fucking white leather pants she'd ever seen. In fact, she'd never seen a pair of white leather pants in person, let alone on a man, but he rocked them. Rocked as in I-would-so-peel-those-off-you-now.

 His dark eyes warred with his blond hair, which stood in spikes over a wide brow. And he had one of those jaws. Square cut and framing a mouth made for kissing.

 "Saw what?" she yelled over the din.

 He waggled a forefinger. A bracket hugged his lips as he smiled. "Your little adjustment." With that, he spun away and threw himself into the crowd, bouncing, leaping with the bodies. She stared at the mob that swallowed him, searching for his blond head above the others. But she couldn't see him anymore.

 For a moment she watched the undulating mass of people. The music pitched louder and louder until she felt as if the floor shook beneath her stilettos. These parties were all the same. Deafening bass, too much alcohol, and couples fucking in the corners, closets, and bedrooms. A couple was even spread upon the dining table amidst cheese platters and bowls of chips, their naked limbs entwined
in a love dance.
Once upon a time, Alice would have been curled up somewhere with Dylan. But he'd walked out on her and taken her heart with him, leaving only a fragile case behind.

 She snatched up an abandoned bottle of Jim Beam Black Label, rubbed her hand over the mouth to eradicate any germs from the last person who'd swigged from it, and tipped it to her lips. The warm bourbon blazed a path down her throat and straight to her pussy. But it also instilled a feeling of despair.


Michael said...

I loved the story Em!

Its a great antho!

Kellie Kamryn said...

Love it! So hot :) Can't wait to read more!

June M. said...

Sounds that she ran into an old friend.