Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trivia and What’s Next from Randi Alexander

Some interesting things about my book:

~The character of Chase Tanner is based on a real-life country western singer. If you've read the book, you might be able to guess who it is.

~My critique partner helped me with the scenes set in South Dakota. Did you know that there are no bears there? I didn't, and I'd written one in. Thanks for the help, Sky!

~I decided to submit my manuscript to The Wild Rose's Cowboy Kink line after meeting another Cowboy Kink author, Sayde Grace, at a writer's conference.

What I'm working on now:

~A short story for a cowboy erotic romance anthology

~A cowgirl erotic romance

~A paranormal cowboy romance for a contest

~A cowboy erotic romance novella

Keeping me busy? You betcha!

Thanks for hanging out today and checking out my excerpts, free reads, blogging stories, and links. I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments, and I want to send a special "Thank You" to the Goddess Fish crew. You're awesome!

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