Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello Everyone - from Rose Anderson

First off, thanks to the ladies at Goddessfish for this great opportunity! I have lots of news about this wild new author journey I'm on. I have one novel in stores already - Hermes Online (see link to my youtube book trailer for a teaser) and the reviews are just wonderful so far:
* 4 teacups from Happily Ever After Reviews
* 5 out of 5 stars at the Heart of Romance
* 5 pink crows from the FictionalBookshelf
* 5.0 reader rating on SirenBookstrand
and my newest yesterday is 4.5 out of 5 from TheBookBinge

I have each posted on my blog should anyone be interested in reading those and other interviews I've had. I'm using my blog to keep track of the entire author's journey. Any new author, well anyone really, might find some useful things in there regarding this fascinating field.

As far as other news goes Dreamscape comes out July 19th. It took me all day to get it there but my new book trailer for my soon-to-be-released  Dreamscape is up and running on youtube.
Question: Can a ghost find love among the living? Come see.
Aside from writing that last book, I have one more project I'm involved in and if I may, I'd like to offer an invitation here. Here goes...

This is your Official Invitation to the Summer Love-In! Guests don't have to wait until Thursday next week to take advantage of signing up and seeing all the goodies in the files. We have free reads, 1st chapters, cool downloadables, and every detail imaginable about the participating authors. You can't beat the free reads. Those things stowed away in the files are ready for any guest stopping by beforehand. Thursday we go LIVE. Games, contests, LOTS of giveaways — everything from free ebooks, t-shirts, tote bags, recipes, great conversation, a gift certificate drawing, and I don't know what else, but I do know all of us are planning BIG. Here are the details, hope you can come join the fun. We're a really fun crowd!
Set Your Summer on Fire
at Our Smoldering Summer Love-In!
* Hot Free Reads * Sizzling Excerpts * Fun Contests * Laughs * e-Book Giveaways *

Come Chat With Us July 14th!
One Lucky Person Will Win $25 eBucks from ARe.
All You Have to Do Is Join Our Chat…And Chat!
We'll Pick One Name at 8PM Eastern Time as The Lucky Winner!

All of my links are below. Thanks Ladies at Goddessfish!! You're the best.  :)

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