Sunday, July 10, 2011

Introduction - Sharita Lira aka Michael Mandrake

Introduction – Writer Sharita Lira

Welcome to the Goddess Fish party with many others in attendance. So many familiar names are here today like Randi Alexander and Lila Munro who actually is a fellow writer with me at Rebel Ink but also one of my fave people in the genre, Em Petrova as well as new fellow author, Sarah Bella.

You may notice all the others but mine may still be a mystery. In erotica writing, I might be known as Miss crazy or confused since I write under three different pennames. My editors don’t even get it so I don’t expect you as a new reader to either.

I don’t mind saying that I’m still green in this world. I prefer to stay grounded instead of building myself up and I take my failures the same way I do my successes, with a grain of salt. Don’t get me wrong, I celebrate which each new accepted story and I get miffed when people don’t accept my work, but I refuse to get too high or low because the world of writing is full of ups and downs and to keep myself from going insane even though I may already be that, I prefer to be this way and save myself a lot of emotional drama.

Who is Sharita Lira?

Sharita Lira is a married mother of two who lives in Chicago. She prefers to keep an open mind about everything, loves metal music, Duran Duran, hot men, her laptop and meeting new people.

Who is the Author, Sharita Lira?

Well, that is where it gets more complex. I write under 3 penames called the Triad

Why 3? Well, let’s try to sum this up without boring you. Michael Mandrake is my complex muse. He writes more broader subject matter with the erotic or romance spliced in. He would be the one that would do a paranormal, a murder suspense, a spy caper, or even tackle a difficult subject like he did in the last anthology from Sizzler Editions, Only When I Lose Myself where his supporting character has AHD.

Rawiya is my more sensual, intimate muse. A lot more like myself. She writes contemporary romance usually, MMF and MF and some mm but writes with more of the fluff if that makes sense. She’s the most emotional of the 3.

Then lastly, is my oldest muse, BLMorticia. She can do it all. She’ll do some complex, some paranormal, intimate but with more humor and snark. Shes also the rebel who will write the things the others may not touch. BL has been with me since my late teens and is happy that I’ve started to write from her perspective once again.

So, what kinds of stories do you expect from the Triad?

Hopefully, the kind that titillate, intrigue, and entertain. They all aim to so that in several ways. To find out more, please visit the blogs and various sites that my muses are on.

Today is Michael’s day so here, we’ll focus on him.

Hope you’ve learned a little more about me. Enjoy my next posts.

Sharita L aka Michael M/Rawiya/BLMorticia

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XoXoPublishing said...

HI Sharia,
Congratulations great introduction.

C. Zampa said...

Good to see you, friend!
Enjoyed your introduction!

Amara Devonte said...

Hi Sharita!

Great post. :)

Rawiya said...

Hi Gina!

Thank you so very much!

:D I'm happy that you stopped in!

Rawiya said...

Carol, thank you so much for stopping by! :D

Rawiya said...

Hi Amara, thank you very much!

Delaney Diamond said...

Hi, I'm coming in late, but wanted to say I don't think you're crazy at all. There are lots of authors who use different pen names to differentiate between their styles of writing.

Continued success to you, Michael, Rawiya, and BlMorticia!

Michael said...

Thx Delaney for stopping in!