Sunday, July 10, 2011

Take one feisty heroine, add a dash of snark

Mix in one hunky guy who happens to be a warrior angel. No need to stir - they mix very well! :)
I'm so proud of this book video - I hope you'll check it out! It's short, but very cool!
Here's another excerpt from Dead to Rights, my paranormal now available on Amazon and Smashwords:
We kept walking until we reached the side of the cafeteria. He pressed me against the building, into the shadows.
“Get off me,” I hissed, but somehow felt safe when he instead lifted his elbows on either side, shielding me.
A dangerous illusion. He was one of them, a weird ninja warrior. This smacked of a setup.
He murmured, “I told you, play along. No one will bother us if they think we’re making out.”
Oh, that’s a new one. But it held a ring of truth, though I worried he’d relay everything I said in person. “What the hell’s going on.”
He scanned the compound. “You’re lucky they didn’t shoot you.”
Funny, at close range, he couldn’t seem to look me in the eye. “No one ever said we couldn’t go for a freaking walk.”
“Not at night,” he said, “and never into the woods.”
Sounded like a bad Halloween flick. “Oh, seriously.” I shifted between his raised arms.
His eyes flashed bright in the darkness. “Fine. You want to know why not? Because all along the outer perimeter, camouflaged guards hide. Armed with automatic machine guns. That is, if you make it past the traps.”
So it had been the click of a gun. What the hell kind of traps? Too many questions raced through my head, so I simply asked, “Why?”
Sounding bemused, he said, “The Reverend doesn’t like unannounced visitors.”
I have proof otherwise. “Or followers who stray, I guess.”
He went on. “In this area, no one questions gunfire, whether single shots or rapid fire, day or dead of night. No other member would question someone’s disappearance.”
Cold crawled across my skin. “So we’re prisoners.”
This seemed to cheer him. “Only technically.”
A laugh burst out. “Oh, I love your positive spin on the situation. But I take issue with its accuracy.” I studied him in the dim light. “If we’re not allowed in the woods, what were you doing out there?”
His voice deadpan, he said, “Saving you.”
Oh, that couldn’t have been the only reason. “You risked your life to follow me? Why?”
He grinned. “No one should be shot for ignorance.”
Wait. Had I said that? As Tess? Some vague memory itched to come to the forefront, but faded. I banged a fist against the building and cursed under my breath.
He tensed. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. Sorry.” I’d be damned if I’d tell him. Maybe literally.
He studied me. “So what made you so upset?”
My belly turned, thinking of Ellen. “Nothing.” He’d probably ask why I hadn’t given myself to Cunningham.
He sucked air through his teeth. “Whole lot of nothing. Doesn’t make sense.”
Nothing did, here. Or anywhere. “Listen, no one else seems to have followed us. I’m going home.” The term made my stomach lurch again. Not exactly home sweet home. Tears burned my eyes. Would I ever find my real home?
Easing away, he asked, “Sure you don’t want to talk about it?”
Ducking my head, I steeled myself. No use crying about it. “I’m sure.” It wouldn’t help, even if he believed me.
He straightened. “I’ll walk you back.”
“Don’t bother. I’m not inviting you in.” I couldn’t take another proposal tonight.
Amused again, he said, “I don’t want to come in.”
Disappointment surprised me. I’d better play nice. “Sorry. It’s been a weird day.” And that was saying a lot, considering most of my days lately had been beyond strange.
We walked in silence. He set a foot on the doorstep.
True to my warning, I went in alone. Before closing the door, I leaned out. “Hey.”
He hadn’t yet moved. “What?”
“Thanks. I owe you one.” It irked me to admit it. I didn’t like unused favors hanging over my head.
“I’ll remember that.”
I groaned, “Great,” and shut the door.
After slipping to the window, I peered out, expecting to see him still there. He wasn’t. Nor was he up the corridor of grass, nor down. Had he slipped behind the cabin? Instinct pressed me to the opposite window. No sign of him. Really weird. But today, I’d expect nothing less.


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Tell me if you don't want this: ever wonder if sex is allowed in Heaven? Love make'n for the length and breadth of eternity? Soft, slow, and smoooth, interspersed with delicious-N-nutritious Pi? The big O for days, or weeks, screeem'n, sighing, sobbing... is definitely allowed. God would NOT create the splendour of Heaven without joy. No, you don't gotta with me, you don't gotta with anyone, only an option for those who wanna make love a physical part of their eternity; yet, just imagine for girls: twenty-one? a hundred? ten thousand one? handsome, tall, gentle, muscular guys + you alone + seventeen years + nude swimming in the shallow ocean + flying + nude floating + erotic, bedtime stories at dusk + achieving orgasm XnX again... OR... those adorable females in bikinis? their nipples, larger-than-your-thumb, some pointy and looong, others just soft, succulent, super-sweet/tangy, like a joyfull bee in a large field of honeysuckle. But, yet, ya must git-up thar first; must be humble enough to see the need for repentance in this finite existence (I go every month). Why not? Why wouldn't Almighty God allow that super-freek'n-dooper, glorious high for a month or seventy-seven-weeks for those who achieve what few see?? See? Heaven ain't as boring or tasteless as you might think, doll; God loves you and God wants to provide the best for you. I want Heaven to be with you, too, to serve you, honor you, love you, nekk and gratify you for all eternity. For those few who actually achieve the Great Beyond, girly? Anything. Everything. And more. We cannot stay here: all of U.S. must croak someday. So, decide if this lifelong demise is worth the slow unraveling, unending, unabridged joy of Heaven. God Bless You, girl --- Meet me Upstairs. We'll have a blast and a half. Lots of those.

Nancy G said...

I really like the excerpt-looks like my list of books to buy is growing-again!!

Cate Masters said...

Interesting concept, Kold Kadaver. Whatever God's good with, I'm good with.

Thanks so much Nancy! So glad you liked the excerpt.