Monday, July 11, 2011


This just in: BRAINSTORM's book trailer is now available on YouTube (thanks to the lovely ladies at Goddess Fish!


Michele said...

Don't need to enter the contest.
Bought it!

Gordon Kessler said...

Thanks, Michele!

Highlight any $5 words and throw them back at me! I just answered your earlier post.

Please let me know how you like Brainstorm, and if it was a worthwhile read, check out Jezebel (a little spooky—but women seem to like it a lot) and Dead Reckoning (about a woman NCIS sleuth).

I hope you enjoy my work—thanks for taking the time to blog me about Brainstorm!

Karen said...

Love the trailer.

Na said...

I enjoyed the trailer, it sounds like an intense thrilling read. Wishing you lots of success on your book blog tour and hope you attract many new readers.

Gordon Kessler said...

Thanks, Karen and Na!