Sunday, June 2, 2013

Turn Out the Lights ... the Party Pavilion's Closed ...

For my last blog in the GF Party Pavilion today, I’d like to share with you a blog I wrote on May 15, the day that my debut medieval historical romance Music for my Soul was released. I hope that you enjoyed the three excerpts from my novel that I shared with you today and that you’ll come visit my website –

I’m pleased to share that I have two more novels coming soon from Soul Mate Publishing. Both are western historical romances set in the 1870s. Outlaw Muse will come out in October, while A Game of Chance will be released in January of 2014.

My blog, Write Up My Alley, can be found at: You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember that Music for my Soul is a Kindle Select novel available through Amazon at:


And here’s my most personal of all my posts today – The Five Best Days of My Life:

Mitch Albom released a book about the five people you meet in heaven, which became a best seller that was also turned into a TV movie. Because today is a special day for me, I’ve turned that thought into the five best days of my life.
My first best day occurred when I was five years old and got to start elementary school. I had my brown paper sack (the go-to before backpacks) full of school supplies. I’d smelled the manila paper and practiced holding the gigantic blue pencils for weeks. I was proud of my shiny new lunchbox. I couldn’t wait for the adventure of school to begin. That first day was scary yet so exciting. It taught me to look forward to every first day of school, from those as a student to all the ones I experienced as a teacher. The first day of school still remains close to my heart today.

A second best day would be when I graduated from college. I was the first in my family to accomplish this, and I combined my love of history with my love of learning and earned a bachelors degree in secondary education. I remember wearing that gown and mortarboard with pride, knowing that day culminated my college years and my degree enabled me to pursue my dream of becoming a history teacher.
For my third best day, I would choose my wedding day. I wasn’t one of those little girls who planned out every detail of her wedding, from the dresses to the flowers to the napkin colors. I just knew that one day a special man would come into my life-and he did. That wedding day when we pledged our love to each other, through good and bad times, in front of God and family and friends still remains dear to my heart.

No question what the fourth best day is. Hands down it’s the day I gave birth to my daughter. My doctor told me my due date was March 20, and it thrilled me because that was my dad’s birthday, and this would be his first grandchild. Dr. J warned me that first babies were either notoriously early or late, rarely born on their due date. I gave him a smile and just knew she would come right on schedule. Maybe I willed my water to break, but after seventeen hours in labor on March 20, she made her appearance. There’s nothing like that first glimpse of your child. A fierce, protective love washes over a mother, making this a landmark day.
All these days remain etched in my memory, and I have the pleasure of adding May 15 as my fifth best day ever. Today I start a new chapter in my life as a published author. MUSIC FOR MY SOUL is my debut historical romance. What a thrill it’s been to see this story come alive, first in my head, then through my fingers as I typed away, to a cover that is tender and sensual, and finally seeing it available for purchase on Amazon. Today I join the rank of authors-men and women who had a vision and saw it through.

Today others beyond my critique group will have the chance to get to know Garrett Montayne, an unhappy lord in medieval England, who has a chance meeting with a beautiful stranger one night on the road to London. He rescues her and agrees to help her safely reach her destination, only to be shocked when she reveals she is Lady Montayne. Garrett is intrigued why she would claim to be his wife and can’t wait for what happens when they arrive in London.
Madeleine Bouchard is resilient and resourceful, and she gives Garrett the slip before he can call her out on her deception. She discovers his true identity and hopes she never meets Lord Montayne again. Naturally, these two do come together, falling in love under the honey moon of summer solstice, but complications abound.

Writing MUSIC FOR MY SOUL was as much about the journey as arriving at the destination of publication. It’s been fun and challenging creating a website, starting a blog, tweeting, and getting to know future readers through Facebook. I’m fortunate that Soul Mate Publishing has already purchased OUTLAW MUSE, a Western historical romance that will come out near the end of 2013, and A GAME OF CHANCE, to be released in 2014. I hope that I have many more release dates to come in my future as an author.
But today, this first release day, is a sweet one for me. It’s definitely the fifth best day of my life!


Jennifer Wilck said...

Terrific blog!

Lauren Linwood said...

Thanks, Jennifer! It was fun to think about all those special days.

Debby said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful days. May you have many more!
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Lauren Linwood said...

Same to you, Debby. Thanks for stopping by my blogs today!