Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some Like it Hot - Laura Strickland

Summer is finally here, and with it the gorgeous, hot weather.  And, hot men?  Why not?  Summer is the perfect time to take a smokin’ hot man to the beach, snuggle up with him in a hammock in the yard, or maybe even lounge with him beside the pool.  I’m talking about the males who populate our romance novels, of course.  What did you think?

Just what makes a romance hero truly hot?  Well, there’s that sculpted body and those eyes into which we just want to fall, and perhaps never resurface.  There’s the way he can awaken our flesh with just a single touch. (Well, OK, he awakens the heroine’s flesh … but who among us can say she hasn’t put herself in the heroine’s place on multiple occasions?)  There’s the ultimate temptation of it all, and the fulfillment of the fantasy – at least on paper.

Personally, I like my hot men just a little bit flawed and a little bit conflicted.  Take Dougal MacRae, the hero of my Historical Romance, Devil Black.  He’s steaming hot, served up Scottish-style, a true bad boy who spends his nights riding the countryside, trying to outdistance his past, and causing havoc for his neighbors.  Eventually, they complain of him to the King who orders him to settle down and take a wife.  So Dougal decides to steal Isobel Maitland, the woman betrothed to his worst enemy.

What does Isobel do?  What would you do, faced with six feet of hard-muscled, irresistible Scottish male who gives you the first choice you’ve ever had in your life:  marry him, or go to the loveless marriage you never wanted?  Aren’t you tempted to put yourself in Isobel’s shoes, and find out?

If you’d like to spend some time with Dougal MacRae this summer, he’s available from Amazon or directly from the publisher, The Wild Rose Press, in both ebook and print formats.  Danger, more than a hint of violence, and hot nights – Dougal can deliver it all.

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