Sunday, June 2, 2013

Give Me Pleasure Excerpt

Copyright © Celeste Carrara, 2013
All Rights Reserved
Published by Celeste Carrara

   Napkins flew to the floor as a breeze came into the cafés opened door. The man that entered didn’t bother to pick them up. Annoyed, Kayla rushed to clean up the mess. It was impolite and obnoxious not to help, and she was about to tell him so. When she looked at him all thoughts of his rudeness faded away. He was tall. Way taller than her small five-foot-five stature. Muscles bulged against the confines of his black shirt. His ensemble included black cargo pants and boots. Kayla wondered if he was a cop or a criminal. She imagined his eyes matched his dark hair but they were covered with shades. Olive skin complimented his exotic looks. She moved to the counter to take his order. He was better looking close up. Anxious, she waited to hear the voice that accompanied such a hottie. Deep, strong and manly, his voice caressed her as he spoke.

   “Hey, let me get one of those lattes.” He asked casually.

   He couldn’t be a regular coffee drinker. There was too much uncertainty in his tone when he placed his order.
“Would you like to try our Pumpkin Latte? It’s really good. It’s our specialty for this time of year,” she asked.
With a small smile, Kayla waited for his response. Her breath caught as he removed his glasses. His eyes were obsidian pools, and she wanted to lose herself in them. He looked her over. She hoped he didn’t notice her awkwardness. A man like him never gave someone like her attention. He would be disappointed by what he saw, Kayla was sure of it.

   “Yeah, I’ll try it if you say it’s good.”

   She wasn’t sure if he intended to be so sexy, but he oozed sex appeal.

   “Oh, you’ll love it. I haven’t had any complaints so far.”

   He grinned at her as she began to prepare his drink. His eyes on her made her self-conscious. The drink she had prepared a dozen times before suddenly became the hardest thing to concoct.

   “Have you worked here long?” he asked her.

   She laughed at herself and her shaky hands and answered, “I’m here long enough to know how to make this latte. It’ll be great, just let me do this one over.”

   With kindness he said, “No problem, don’t rush. I’m sure it’ll turn out fine.”

   Curious, she asked, “Is this your first time here? I’ve never seen you around before.”

   He replied, “Yeah, it’s my first time in here. I figured I’d see what all the fuss was about with these lattes. A friend of mine lives nearby and he raves about them. He’s probably a regular here.”
A regular who lived nearby and loved lattes had to be only one person. The good-looking types always seemed to run in packs. The man she was talking to shared the same type of dangerous, sexy look Alex had.

   “I think I know who you’re talking about. Is he really tall, good-looking with a scar on his face? Alex, right? He’s got a super model girlfriend?”
   With a serious expression, he asked, “You know them?”

   Alarmed by his demeanor, she answered, “Oh no, not really. I just know of them because he comes in here a lot.” With a panicky smile she waited for him to speak.

   He softened a bit. “That makes sense. So, you think he’s good looking?”

   Embarrassed, she answered, “Well, yeah, I guess, if you’re into that type.”

   With interest piqued, he asked, “Are you into that type?”

   Caught off guard, she didn’t think before she answered. “I prefer more exotic looking men.” Her boldness shocked her as she handed over his coffee.

   “Are you single? Cause I’d love to hit you up sometime.”

   Surprised by his interest, she couldn’t speak. Bianca joined Kayla at the counter, and Kayla wished she had stayed away. Her admirer would toss her aside in favor of Bianca. Bianca could hardly keep her eyes from bulging as she looked at the guy. His eyes remained on Kayla as he waited for her to answer.

   “Are you gonna give me an answer or are you not interested?”
Bianca spoke up for Kala. “She’s just a little shy sometimes. I’m sure she’s interested in whatever you have proposed.”

   Kayla rolled her eyes at her friend, and Bianca took that as her cue to leave.

   “Sorry about that. Yeah, I’m single.”

   With a smile that showed his perfectly straight, white teeth he stated, “Good, cause you’re just my type and I’d love to see what you’ve got going on under those jeans.”

   She was stunned. No one had ever spoken to her that way. She was waiting to feel offended and turned off. It didn’t happen. The thought of him wanting to see her naked excited her.

   Uneasy, she chuckled, “I bet you say that to all the girls.”

   He leaned against the counter casually and admitted, “No I don’t. Usually, I don’t have to say anything.”

   She had no response. Girls probably made it easy for him to get in their pants.

   “What’s your name?” he asked.

   Kayla’s voice was unsteady when she responded, “Kayla.”

   He looked at her like he was imagining her in compromising positions. She liked it.

   “Kayla? That’s pretty. I’m guessing, Kayla, from the look of you, that you’re the type of girl who is a freak in the bedroom. Only, you haven’t found the right man who can handle it.”

   Surprised, she asked, “You can guess that just by looking at me?”

   With a sexy smirk, he asked, “Am I wrong?” 

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Debby said...

What a guess on his part! What makes someone a freak in the bedroom?
I wished I liked lattes.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Celeste Carrara said...

lol Debby! Yeah, I wish I liked lattes too!

If you want to know what makes Kayla a freak in the bedroom you have to read the book! ;-)

But I will tell you, it involves a sex club...

Jennifer Wilck said...

Great excerpt!

Celeste Carrara said...

Thanks Jennifer :-)