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Paranormal City Giveaway!

Welcome to the Paranormal City...

Give Me Forever
Serena, a twenty five year old newly turned vampire longs for a normal life. Daughter to the king of the Northeastern faction of vampires her life is anything but normal. Her actions are ruled by her duty to her people and her father's demands. Serena's father Sebastian is impossible to please no matter how hard Serena tries. Loyalty and fear keep her trapped in her life.

While tending to business for her father Serena meets Nick, a handsome young realtor whom she finds herself attracted to regardless of the fact that he is human. Even though she knows better she can't seem to stop herself from falling into his arms, and his bed. Nick gives her a glimpse into the normal life she wishes for but how long can she ignore their differences?

When humans start showing up drained of their blood with obvious vampire bites on their bodies Sebastian takes it as a direct challenge to his authority. Someone is gathering his enemies with intentions of stripping him of his title. The only two he can trust to aid him is his daughter Serena, and his assassin Alex. Little did he know that once the two meet all their lives would change forever. No one can change the course of fate. When destiny calls they try to fight it but neither Serena nor Alex can deny the pull of their souls yearning to be joined. 

Give Me Your Trust

Corina was a vampire who stood to herself and lived a simple life. All she wanted was to share her long existence with a mate. Too bad her track record with men sucked. After another failed relationship she swore off men. Her fragile heart couldn't take another disappointment.

Gage, a serial playboy encounters his old lover Corina at the vampire club Pulse. Fresh from a breakup he happily volunteers to be the rebound. Showing her pleasures beyond her wildest dreams was his one and only goal. That is until he starts to feel more for the woman who was suppose to be a temporary fling.

Will Corina learn to trust again and give Gage a chance? Will Gage be worthy of her trust? 

Give Me My Destiny

GWEN is a witch who spends her days wielding magic to help others. Too bad her magic can’t help her. Meeting her soul mate was the easy part. Keeping him is her dilemma. Is it destiny keeping them apart? Or, is something more sinister to blame? Unwilling to let her happiness slip away, Gwen will stop at nothing to be with JOSH. But how far is she willing to go to attain her happily ever after?

How far would you go to be with the one you love? 

Give Me Pleasure

Kayla has needs and desires and thus far hasn't found a man who can accept her kinks. Then again, she has a hard time accepting them too. She's suppose to be a good girl. Good girls don't do the things Kayla fantasizes about. 

Mika doesn't have time for women. His life revolves around his job. As the head of security of vampire king Sebastian, Mika's only focus is protecting and serving his king. Women, especially the human variety, are used for only two things. Blood and sex. 

When Mika and Kayla meet, neither are prepared for the feelings they stir in one another. They shouldn't be together, too many obstacles, yet they can't stay away...

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