Sunday, June 2, 2013

House Hunters Addict. Lover of Dark Chocolate. And Debut Author of MUSIC FOR MY SOUL

Welcome back to the Party Pavilion, dear readers! I promised to tell you a little about myself in the previous post, so here goes:

I don’t know what I’m addicted to more – dark chocolate or House Hunters! I love long walks, animals, and reading People magazine. I’m most comfortable in jeans, love to travel, and enjoy pedicures and listening to music. I taught history for many years and currently live in a Dallas suburb with my family.

My debut medieval historical romance is entitled Music for my Soul. It’s the story of Madeleine Bouchard, the only woman troubadour in all of England, and Lord Garrett Montayne, the nobleman who falls for her – despite the fact that he thinks she’s a thief!

Here’s an excerpt from it:

            Madeleine knew with certainty that the nobleman would recognize her. They spent too much time together in one another’s company for him not to know her upon first sight.

            Madeleine groaned aloud. Where Sir Ashby was, she was positive his friend, the brooding Lord Montayne, would soon appear. She did not care to see that one face to face, especially since he had been so angry at her when they parted.

            She decided to skirt around the crowd and make her way back to the performance area. She would plead a sore throat and have Farley allow her to take York’s place in the play. York was a decent lute player, though not much of a singer. Still, he could perform before and between their scenes while Madeleine could be in plain sight of all, disguised by the heavy costume and mask York wore.

            She moved stealthily through the throng, hoping she would avoid attention. Just as she thought she’d made her way unseen, she heard shouts headed her way.

            “Stop, thief! Stop!”

            The cutpurse ran by her swiftly, throwing a cursory glance over his shoulder. She despised people who preyed upon others’ misfortune, and she was ready to see this shabby scoundrel caught. Madeleine stepped out, ready to give chase after the fellow when she was blind-sided, being thrown to the ground, the wind knocked from her.

            She rolled into a ball, her arms instinctively wrapping around her in a protective mode. She had spent many a time lying on the floor after one of Henri’s swift punches to her stomach.  She knew she must guard her ribs at all costs. Oh, God, it hurt so much when one broke. Please, not again. Not again.

            A hand, firm but reassuring, touched her shoulder. A voice came through the fog rolling through her brain. It wasn’t Henri! She half-laughed, half-gasped, as she opened her limbs and came to lie on her back. She even reached into her pocket and stroked Henri the pebble, validating that she was alive and unharmed.

            Yet who had attacked her? She looked up into the blinding summer sun but could not see who stood above her. Then the shadow moved, covering her face from the harsh light.

            “Why if ‘tis not Lady Montayne,” said a familiar voice. “And where the hell is my favorite cloak?”         

 Music for my Soul is a Kindle Select novel available through Amazon at:

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Debby said...

Intriguing excerpt. I would love to read more.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Jennifer Wilck said...

I love dark chocolate too!

Lauren Linwood said...

Debby - Look for my 3rd party posting - Great Characters and Great Plots - where there's an excerpt of Garrett telling Madeleine he loves her.

Lauren Linwood said...

Jennifer - my sister just brought me a box of dark chocolates back from her trip to France. Needless to say, I'm in heaven!