Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Lure of the Celtic Warrior

All things Celtic seem to be making a comeback lately.  Revelers flock to Scottish and Irish Festivals and attend traditional music nights at pubs. Scottish games have never been so well attended; women in particular enjoy watching men in kilts heave the caber and the stone.  And it seems as if everyone knows somebody who either plays or listens to Celtic music.

Readers of Historical Romance have long understood the lure of the Celtic warrior.  These men are the thing of legend – leather-clad, broadsword-wielding, silver-tongued and long-haired.  Could there be anything more romantic than the tale of Tristan and Isolde?  Forever forbidden to be together, and yet eternally loving.  King Arthur himself was rumored to be an early Celt from the Welsh borders.  I’ve never understood how Guinevere could forsake him for a mere Frenchman!

Half the fun of writing Historical Romance is being able to go back in time and quite literally create new legends.  Take the hero of my new release, Devil Black.  Dougal MacRae has earned the moniker of Diabhal Dubh – Devil Black – and with good reason.  Landholder, warrior and sometimes highwayman, he claims to care for nothing.  In fact, he believes his heart is dead until he undertakes an act of revenge and captures Isobel Maitland, on her way to meet her betrothed. 

Very much a man of his times, Dougal is willing to use violence when he must, and willing to take on all comers for the woman he loves.  He never suspects that in the woman he has abducted, he may find redemption.  But like a true Celtic warrior, he is willing to fight for her – to the death.
If you can’t resist a bit of Scottish high adventure this summer, find yourself a Celtic warrior.  Devil Black is available in ebook and print formats from the publisher, The Wild Rose Press:

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Jennifer Wilck said...

Oh, I can't wait to read this one! Good luck and congratulations!

Laura Strickland said...

Thanks, Jennifer!

Debby said...

I love all things Celtic. I am adding this one to my list.
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Laura Strickland said...

Thanks, Debby! Hope you enjoy!