Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hey..There's a Demon Over There! (ADULT CONTENT)

Dakota Daniels is an exorcist. Or at least she used to be, until a demon destroyed her life, killing her mother and sending her into hiding. She never knows what's around the next corner or whether she'll live through the night.
Brady Knox, billionaire tech guru and media darling, is a man used to getting what he wants. Except when it comes to his sister, Sydney. She is the secret he never tells a soul. After all, how do you tell the world your sister has been possessed since she was ten years old without seeming like a lunatic?
When Brady seeks out Dakota's assistance, he expects to get what he wants. When she doesn't comply, he's willing to use every resource at his disposal-even if that means seducing her into doing what he wants.
Dakota's body yearns for Brady but she isn't easily fooled, and if she decides to help him it will be on her own terms-assuming they can both make it through the night with their souls intact.

So, Demon Within was my first foray into erotic horror. I spend most of my time in erotic paranormal romance or erotic fantasy romance, with occasional jaunts into the young adult world.  

But I had such a good time doing this book that I'm not writing another erotic horror.  Have you ever given it a try? Do you like a little scare with your hot love scenes? 

Comment and one lucky winner will get to win their choice of my backlist (this means when you comment, please go ahead and also tell which one of my books would be your choice if you win, and also include your email address. Thanks!) 


Debby said...

Sounds like you did a great job with your new genre. I would love to read it. IF I am lucky enough to win I would love Dragon Wars book. PDF

debby236 at gmail dot com

Jennifer Wilck said...

Interesting premise. Good luck!

Shadow said...

Oh! Sounds intriguing! I love the cover! I want to read this, from that alone! lol The blurb sounds awesome! Thanks!